Google’s Android poised to top Apple iPhone 3G sales with China’s help

July 20, 2008

Google's Android poised to top Apple iPhone 3G sales with China's helpApple’s iPhone 3G is selling quite well around the globe, and many wonder if any manufacturer, carrier or mobile platform has the means to overtake and surpass what Apple has achieved thus far in this new era of mobile communication. Though many would-be competitors have made reasonable showings of themselves thus far, many believe that Google’s Android platform will unequivocally become the most widely adopted platform in short order.

It is a common misconception that sales within the United States reflect global adoption rates. Though those numbers can serve as indicators of a product’s global success, the U.S. is far behind many global markets in regards to the technological advancement, the largest of which being China.

According to Engadget Mobile, China is at the very top of the Open Handset Alliance list, an organization dedicated to the widespread adoption of open platforms. Android is the frontrunner in that category, though many handset manufacturers have gone with Linux platforms during the wait for Android.

Because of China’s position as leader in many technology markets and as top member of the Open Handset Alliance, its roll in the distribution of Android-loaded handsets will be key in deciding whether Android surpasses the scope of the iPhone or not. Estimates project that Apple has readied 9.5 million handsets for 2009, where 17.1 million Android handsets are readied for 2009.

Though Apple is in communication with China Mobile in hopes of distributing iPhone 3Gs to that market, it is more reasonable to presume that Android will receive more support from consumers who favor open platforms. As always, pricing will rule the day in many markets, but Google may already have an edge beyond the normal carrier pricing wars; the open source-loving community is growing stronger every day, and reasonable pricing should motivate supporters to adopt the handsets designed with one of the more open platforms to date, Google’s Android.

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