Dell’s Studio PC aims to out-mini the Mac Mini

July 30, 2008

Dell's Studio PC aims to out-mini the Mac Mini Dell’s launched new desktop PC models with one particular standout – its Dell Studio Hybrid. Dell claims the PC is 80% smaller than the average desktop minitower, and uses 70% less energy.

CNet and PCMag have already reviewed the system and the consensus is: pretty it may be, powerhouse it ain’t. It’s currently available with Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor and with Vista onboard. At first glance, the PC strikes you as very compact with enough style to challenge the Mac Mini in the ultra-small desktop category. Most likely to garner attention is the bamboo case variant – that will cost you an extra $150. Compare that to a mere $20 for the standard casing splashed with a different color.

Spokesman Michael Scheschuk said of the desktop in a statement: “We’ve created a desktop PC category that combines style, performance and a high degree of energy efficiency.” Earlier in April, Dell announced its decision to create what it called the “company’s smallest and most environmentally responsible consumer desktop PC.”

The desktop push is a bit of a surprise after the recent announcement that Dell would increase its laptop portfolio by 50%. Perhaps Dell’s just doing its best to set itself apart from HP, while at the same time attempting to narrow the lead HP has as the No.1 PC supplier. Dell is currently in the No.2 spot.

More pictures can be found here, along with configuration options. Pricing starts at $499, and Blu-Ray is an optional feature. Other models Dell launched at the same time – one desktop and a student-friendly laptop. The Inspiron 518 desktop already has a PCMag review. Verdict? Good, not great. Wal-Mart stores will see the arrival of the $800 13-inch Inspiron 13. A special $699 configuration will be available at the popular chain beginning August 3, with fully configurable options available later.

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