T-Mobile asks “Are you ready?” for 3G rollout October 1

July 30, 2008

T-Mobile asks Well of course we’re bloody ready for 3G! What kind of question is that? A T-Mobile flyer noting the October 1 rollout of 3G to 27 U.S. cities has been spotted; there is hope for the network that once had the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones for a celebrity representative.

The unofficial T-Mobile blog TmoNews happened across a flyer that indicates T-Mobile intends to roll out 3G data to 27 cities on 1 October 2008. Those 27 cities are listed as follows:

* New York City
* Austin
* NJ and Long Island
* Las Vagas
* Minneapolis
* Miami
* Dallas
* Chicago
* Houston
* Philadelphia
* Denver
* Detroit
* Orlando
* Kansas city
* Atlanta
* Los Angeles
* New England
* Portland
* Sacramento
* San Diego
* Seattle
* Washington DC
* San Francisco
* Birmingham
* Memphis
* Tampa
* Phoenix

As you can see, most of the cities and areas being targeted are considered large metropolitan areas, so if your name is Joe or Sally Shmoe in Podunk, U.S.A, you are simply out of luck this go around. However, this notes only the cities that T-Mobile will be rolling 3G out in come October; other select cities have had 3G connectivity as part of the testing phase of T-Mobile’s high-speed data service.

But what good is 3G without 3G-capable devices, right? Many have speculated that the HTC Dream, loaded with the much-anticipated Google Android mobile platform, was to be released as part of T-Mobile’s 3G “debut.” But October 1st might be pushing it if the Dream is to be ready.

Your best bet is to save your pennies for the Blackberry Bold, which is anticipated to hit this September. Crunchgear has posted a sheet with the supposed pricing of the Bold across all the different networks, and lists the Bold as $350 with T-Mobile. The Bold will have 3.6 HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access) which will certainly take advantage of the upgraded data network.

So to answer your question, T-Mobile, we’re ready, and have been for some time. Just hurry up and deliver it, and you might not need to stay in the doghouse for quite so long this time.

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