“I am rich” application for iPhone/iPod pulled, cost $1,000; did nothing

August 6, 2008

“I am rich” application for iPhone/iPod costs $1,000; does nothing Are you an iPhone or iPod Touch owner?  Want to let people you know have money to burn?  Then the “I am Rich” application which was in the iTunes App Store may have been for you.

The “I am Rich” application was the most expensive application in the iTunes App Store and would also win the award for being “most useless.”  The author of the application was charging $999.99 for little more than a glorified screensaver.

Some people were a bit upset that this application appeared and made it through Apple’s screening process for applications (but who knows what exactly that involves).  Armin Henrich, the author, held the belief that just a few sales of the application would have set up him nicely.

It may have.  We will never know as it appears that Apple has pulled the application from the US Store.  Nice try, Armin, now try selling people bags of dog poop for $999.99.  That may actually work out better.

I’m sure that Apple would welcome Armin back with open arms if he were willing to drop the price of his application to somewhere between $0.99 and $9.99.  It won’t make much money per sale but would make up for it in volume.

However, that may still be overpriced for a floating red ruby as a screensaver… something like that should be, well, free.

Perhaps Steve and company will be paying a little more attention to the App Store so that no more “spam” applications get in the mix.  Here’s counting the days before an iPhone/iPod virus makes an appearance in the App Store.  Hey, it could happen.

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2 Responses to ““I am rich” application for iPhone/iPod pulled, cost $1,000; did nothing”

  1. Jay Zed:

    it’s not a spam app – the purpose is to prove that you are rich by blowing 1000$ on something trivial… i don’t see why apple would pull it down… if people thought it useless, it wouldn’t sell, period

  2. Ashley:

    This is nothing but a get rich quick scheme for the guy who made this app! I mean who (even the people who have tons of $) would buy this!!! It is just a screen saver!!!!!

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