Dance your way to a clean planet at dance club WATT

September 5, 2008

Giving biofuel a whole new meaning, one dance club is taking alternative energy and green practices seriously. They have instituted a new method of generating power for their dance club – using the patrons own sweaty gyrations as a source of electricity.

The club has installed a special dance floor on which the customers can gyrate their way to producing energy to control the lights and disco decorations in the club over the dance floor. There are meters to let them know how much power they are producing with each sweaty jump and jive. The harder they dance, the more they affect their surroundings.

The club didn’t stop their energy saving efforts with the lights on the dance floor, however. Trying to create a unique club experience out of the desire to be more green, they created a septic system out of rainwater flushing toilets that offers the customer a full view of the rainwater flow as if it were a waterfall. They store their drinks in underground coolers based on an efficient central cooling system that is low energy.

“When you start dancing, you generate electricity, and it makes the floor come alive. The more you dance, the more the floor comes to life,” said Daan Roosegaarde, who was involved in its design. In addition to the dance floor, drink storage, “pee experience” toilet system and more, the club is operating with a minimal waste policy, using recycled serve ware and cups.

The club, based in Rotterdam, is not the first dance club to go green. This movement is becoming known as sustainable dance floors in clubs, and there is also one in London (not affiliated with WATT). They claim to save as much as 30 to 50 percent on energy costs overall, quite a feat for a noisy techno club. I find it a bit inspiring. If a dance club can go green, why can’t we?

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