Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account

September 18, 2008

Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin\'s Yahoo email accountThe Internet group that calls itself, Anonymous, has hacked in to John McCain running mate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account. While the emails published on the Web are anything but revelatory, they do show that Palin was potentially conducting official government business through the account, which could spell serious trouble for the possible future Vice-President of the USA.

Since Republican Presidential candidate John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his second in command, the woman has been at the centre of allegation after allegation about her private and public life. The latest concerns her allegedly using private email accounts to conduct official government-related business. This practice is legally questionable as it offers a way of getting around public records laws that require all emails to be published.

A Washington Post article from September 10th published Palin’s Yahoo email address in full, and just a week later, the account has been hacked. Anonymous, most famous for battling against the secrecy and bullying tactics of the Church of Scientology, claimed responsibility, with screenshots of Palin’s Yahoo inbox being published on WikiLeaks.

The account in question is, and the leaked images show that Sarah Palin was having email conversations with other political high-flyers such as Amy McCorkell, whom Palin appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in 2007, and Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

According to Wired, emails also present included one from Palin’s press secretary, Meghan Stapleton, concerning the ‘Motor Fuel Tax Suspension’, and Randall Ruaro, her deputy chief of staff, which has the subject line of ‘Draft letter to Governor Schwarzenegger’. If those emails don’t amount to official government business then I don’t know what would.

The FBI is said to be aware of the hacking incident and investigating. The chances are that this attack was made by simply guessing the password of Sarah Palin’s email account. Once the hackers-to-be had the address from that Washington Post article, it would have just taken time and patience to work their way in. Which they seem to have done rather successfully.

We here at Blorge cannot condone hacking, but Anonymous have only done this to prove whether Palin was indeed trying to get around the public record laws. The evidence is now there for all the world to see, so rather than going after the hackers, maybe Palin should be made to answer the charges placed against her?

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5 Responses to “Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account”

  1. God Bless America:

    Mr. Parrack,

    Can’t you see that Palin is just what the US needs right now. Who cares if someone hacked her Yahoo account. They’re the ones who did wrong. May the good Lord help us all if the Democrats get in. And Mr. Parrack, may you change your wicked ways.


  2. Victor:

    Don’t be retarded. Palin is exactly the same or worse than Mr Bush

  3. Josh:

    This group should be prosecuted for this illegal act and invasion of privacy.

  4. DCX2:

    It’s easy to see people’s slant regarding this issue.

    If you think only the “hacker” should be punished, you are mindlessly pro-Palin.

    If you think only Palin should be punished, you are mindlessly anti-Palin.

    If you think that the rule of law applies to everyone, then you just might be rational.

    For what it’s worth, do you think it’s worse to publish family photos (which, honestly, doesn’t result in any type of physical or financial harm), or to use private email accounts to potentially avoid public records laws?

  5. a non e mous:

    My two cents worth on Sarah Palin…

    Any high profile political leader who sees nothing wrong with violating another country’s sovereignty without seeking permission is a scary prospect, particularly one who appears to be a redneck bimbo puppet of the US oil industry.

    This is precisely what she stated in a televised interview within the last fortnight; which means she is simply tarred with the same blind idealogy that lead to the current mess in Iraq.

    If Anonymous manage to cause enough disquiet about her agenda, and that of the whole McCain/Republican campaign, then maybe, just maybe, the American public will see that a change of direction is needed before it happens all over again in Iran or some other “rogue state”.

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