Google Valve buyout nothing but a whole lot of Steam

September 18, 2008

Google games afoot with Valve buyout rumours Another buyout by Google was rumoured to be on the cards. The conquest – a successful game company Half-Lifers know and love as Valve, has now been dismissed as nothing but rumours.

The Inquirer broke the story leading to quite the frenzy of speculation. Why Valve? Well, why not Valve? Instead of going the annoying DRM-DVD route, Valve instead put together one heck of a content distribution system – Steam. Google’s certainly not going to buy Valve for Half-Life or any of the company’s successful titles but Steam’s success might likely be the backbone for Google’s own digital content distribution system.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi has been pretty straightforward about the news. He called them hearsay and nothing more but "complete fabrication". Kotaku got the rundown and this fun quote: "I never heard anything about it until I woke up this morning and checked my Blackberry, which John McCain invented," joked Lombardi. "There’s really nothing else to say."

If Google is on another buying spree, and it isn’t Valve it’s aiming for, what (or who) else could Google want? No news on that front but is Valve up for sale anytime soon? Lombardi has said before that the company is open to buy offers but the only company up for that deal would be game company-swallowing EA. The Blizzard-Vivendi deal is likely to keep both parties too busy to add another partner to their fray, especially with what looks like the MMO occasion to beat in the upcoming WOW:Wrath of the Lich King.

So it looks like Google won’t likely be attempting to diversify itself too much. Not after spending good money on Korean blogging platform TNC. It will likely pay a good dividend and strengthen Google’s foothold in Internet-mad South Korea but will the platform also have some part in a future revamp of Google’s Blogger? Now that would be some story.

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