Top 40 best, useful and interesting Facebook applications

October 12, 2008

Top 40 most useful and interesting Facebook applications Facebook users can choose from thousands of applications for installation on their profile pages.  Although some of these applications are pretty useful, some of them are not. We’ve picked 40 of these applications that users will be glad to install on their page:

MeetingWave – This is a useful application that allows users to meet new business contacts, clients or even prospective employers.  All a user needs to do is post a Private Invite for a business meeting in the real world, set the time, date and venue for the meeting and wait till somebody from the Facebook world accepts his or her invite.

Prosper – This is a loan application for members that works like an eBay auction.  Users borrow from Prosper.  Facebook members who have the application then bid low interest rates for borrowers to consider.

SeenThis – This application lets users share interesting finds with their Facebook friends. Working like a mini-feed aggregator, it sends notification to users’ friends whenever the user chooses to share interesting readings.  If a user posts a link to his profile, it shows up in the News Feed.

Jobster Career Network – This application claims to offer more than just a job search.  It offers career networking.  Users can join the Talent Networks of different companies, receive personalized job alerts based on career interest, receive career advice from Facebook networks, post resumes online and search a jobs database.

MyDocuments – This application sounds like Microsoft Windows but works like Google Docs. Users can upload any types of document on their Facebook accounts, then share it with their friends.

Business Cards – This application lets users create and customize their own business card (BC) to promote their business and attract new clients.  Users can also find a new job or hire new employees.  It lets users attach a Facebook BC to their messages and browse other users’ cards and comments.

Visual Book Shelf – One of the Facebook applications with the most monthly active users (777K+), this application lets users build a virtual bookshelf on their Facebook profile featuring books that they have and want to read.  Users can also browse their friends’ collections. Users read and write book reviews and ultimately recommend book reading lists to friends.  As an added feature, users can also share their bookshelf with non-Facebook friends via ReadingSocial.

(Lil) Green Patch – This application is not useful for Facebook members per se, but its value extends to the entire world.  It’s a green campaign against global warming and environmental problems.  The good thing about this application is that it allows users to do something concrete, even if it is done with just a click.

Weekly Schedule – This application lets users post a graphical display of their weekly activities.  It features narrow and wide modes.  Users can add a background picture, search for friends’ free times and schedules, and compare their schedule with their friends’ schedules.  Most importantly, the application offers privacy settings that allow users to block selected Facebook users.

Birthday Calendar – One of the hardest thing to do is remember birth dates of friends and loved ones.  This application solves that problem.  Birthday Calendar lets users see birthdays and holidays in calendar format, add non-Facebook friends and family, view upcoming birthdays, send fCards and Group fCards, and choose from many other useful features.

Social Calendar – If the previous application is too feature-heavy, Social Calendar may be the answer.  It also helps users to remember birthdays, holidays, get-togethers and other social occasions.  It lets users import, organize and receive reminders about important events.  Users can also share dates, plan events and coordinate with friends and family.  It includes a gift registry.

123Greeting Cards – Of course what good is remembering birthdays if you won’t send your friends, contacts and loved ones greeting cards.  The Web’s top electronic greeting card provider brings its service to the Facebook world via this application.  It offers approximately 3,000 cards for different occasions.

Where I’ve Been – This application lets users create an interactive world map of the places they’ve been, where they have lived and where they plan/want to go in the future.  It features a zoom, fan tools and covers all US States, Canadian provinces and international regions as well.  Users can view and compare maps with their friends.

Family Tree – I know there are web 2.0 services that offer this kind of service, but having this capability in Facebook is definitely useful, especially for heavy Facebook users.  It lets people find relatives, build a family tree, preserve a family tree, create scrapbooks, remember loved one and, most importantly, stay in touch with family.

Blog RSS Feed Reader – This application lets users add RSS feeds of favorite blogs and sites.  It features multiple feed support, accepts XML formats including ATOM, RSS.92, RSS 2.0, RSS + PDF.  It supports MySpace, MSN Live Spaces, WordPress, Blogspot, Typepad, MT, and TextPattern.

Big Photo – This application lets users display an unlimited number of photos directly from the Web or Desktop.  The photos are displayed randomly every time someone views the user’s profile.

Twitter – This application lets users display Twitter timelines right on their Facebook profile.

Send SMS Text Messaging – This application lets users specify Facebook contacts who can send messages directly to their cell phone from Facebook.  Users’ mobile phone numbers are kept confidential to avoid spam and prevent unnecessary text messages.

MSN Messenger Button – For MSN / Windows Live Messenger users, this application lets them add an MSN Messenger Button to their Facebook profile page.  It allows contacts to add users to their MSN Messenger contacts.  It also lets users find out who among their Facebook friends are using MSN Messenger and allows them to be added as contacts.  In addition, this application also lets users chat with MSN Messenger friends right on their Facebook profile.

iLikeThis application lets users add music and videos to their profile, dedicate songs to their friends and find out what their friends are doing.  For musicians and artists on Facebook, this application will let them create artist pages, upload music and events and get detailed statistics on their fans.

FotoFlexer – This application lets users edit all their photos and online images.  It offers an easy-to-use image editor for free.  FotoFlexer on Facebook lets users decorate their photos with tons of free shapes, fonts, speech bubbles, thought bubbles.  They can create fun greeting cards, share photos with friends and organize photos from all their photosharing site accounts.

Obama – Fans of Barack Obama will surely love this application.  It allows them to share news items, blog posts, speeches and videos about Obama.  McCain fans will definitely hate this application.

Analytic Polls – This application lets users vote on nearly 200 polls covering the 2008 elections and other current political and social issues.  Users can read, rate and share news and political analyses, build their own news blog and fan pages, and keep track of their favorite articles and links.

Dopplr – This application lets users share their trip schedule with friends and colleagues and share trips.  Users put a Dopplr profile box right on their Facebook profile page.

Call Me on Skype – For those who still likes using Skype, here’s a nifty application that sits right on their Facebook profile.  It lets users call friends for free, start group chats and call landlines and mobiles.

Training – This is a pretty simple application that lets users set and track workout goals using powerful tools.  Users can also inspire their Facebook friends through shared workout information.

Friends Organizer – This application lets users group their friends into clusters, such as family, work, partying, dorm, summer, drinking buddies, high school, church and any other.  This eliminates the need to search through a list of hundreds of friends to check one in particular.  Users can make as many clusters as desired.

Carpool – With the high prices of gas, now is a great time to start carpooling. This application can help users find a safe ride.

Roomster – If the carpool application is good, this one is even better, especially for those looking for a place to rent.  It allows users to search for apartments, roommates and sublets in the US and Canada. For UK users, Roomster will also help them find flats or flatmates.

Tag Cloud –  This application allows friends to add adjectives and phrases that describe a user to a tag cloud that appears on the user’s profile page.

Web Soduku – Sudoku can help users pass their down time.  It can also monopoly a users’ attention at all times.  Users can choose a difficulty level and play right on their Facebook profile.

MyFlickr – This application lets users display photos from their Flickr accounts. Users can choose categories to display including recent photos, specific photos on a specific tag, interesting photos, photos in a specific date range, and those using a privacy filter.  Users can also identify their own photosets.

Virtual iPhone – If you’re wondering how this application came to be on our list of useful Facebook applications, it can save users hundred bucks if they’re considering an iPhone.  It is the closest thing to owning and using an iPhone without having to spend the money.  If you don’t like it, you can always stop using it and think of all the money you’ll save.

Files – This application lets users access files from anywhere and share important work files, photos and music with friends.  This is the closest thing to having a virtual USB thumbdrive.  There is a 20MB upload limit to start.  User can increase file capacity by convincing friends to use the application. 

Delicious Bookmark – This application serves as a bridge between a Delicious and a Facebook account. It lets users display recent bookmarks on their Facebook profile as well as displaying recently saved bookmarks in the news feed.

Digg – If Delicious has its Facebook application, so must Digg.  Similar to the Delicious application, Digg also lets users display their most recently dugg items right on their Facebook profile.

Splashcast – This application allows users to create a personal media channel mixing videos, music, photos, and podcasts. – This application lets users sort friends according to their musical taste.  It also lets them turn their favorite music into a playlist of full-length tracks.  In addition, users can compare their music with friends, listen to their playlists and put a grid of artist and album images on their profile.

Piknik – This application offers easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tools.  Users can perform nearly every function available on the Piknik website. Tons of effects, fonts, shapes and frames for photos.

Super Wall – This is one of Facebook’s most popular application and it ought to be useful as well. This application lets users share photos, videos, graffiti and more with their Facebook friends.  Why is this useful?  Because it breaks the barrier of seriousness among some friends who may not be involved with Facebook.  Some of these Super Walls may be quite annoying at times, but the application serves its own purpose and seems to be doing this with flying colors.

Do you have a favorite Facebook app that we’ve missed? Feel free to add it in the comments!

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