Top 40 Firefox plugins, extensions and add-ons

November 2, 2008

Top 40 Firefox plugins, extensions and add-ons Firefox is a very useful and feature-rich browser, we all know that. But aside from being a robust Web browser, Firefox is appealing to more sophisticated users because of the support that it gets from third-party application developers.

These developers continuously enrich Firefox’s functionality through plugins, extensions and add-ons. Here are 40 interesting and useful Firefox tools to give you a pleasant and fruitful browsing experience.

Autocopy – stop using CTRL+C to copy things on the Web and highlight them instead. It provides easier and faster bookmarking.  Users can toggle it off if they don’t want the feature.

Better GReader – lets you add feeds to Google Reader without going through the default add page. Allows you to use some keyboard shortcuts as well.

Shareaholic – a plugin made specifically for those who use social bookmarking tools such as digg, delicious, twitter and tumblelog. It lets you share pages instantly with just a click of the button.

Read it Later – great for saving interesting pages you discovered on the Web but don’t currently have time to read. It lets you instantly save the page, then later, with a click of a button, open the article in a new window.

Googlepedia – lets you group Google search results into a relevant Wikipedia page and Google’s own search result pages. You can pretty much determine which results are valuable to your current research.

urlfixer – automatically corrects wrongly-typed URLs and automatically sends you to the site anyway.

Dictionary Tooltip – lets you highlight any word and then see it’s definition by hitting CTRL+Shift+D. Eliminates the need to open a new window and look up the meaning of a word that you don’t understand. A great tool for bloggers and writers.

FireFTP – integrates an FTP program with the Firefox browser to enable you to upload and download files quickly to your site. Drag and drop features work seamlessly with this plugin as well.

Reminder Fox – lets you configure an alarm setting for a specific time of day or even periodically every hour. Alarm sounds are customizable using .WAV files. You can also record your own sound and use it as an alarm.

Time Tracker – this tool tells you how long you’ve been using Firefox. Useful when you’re working online and want to monitor how much time you have devoted to a certain task.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – lets you access your bookmarks from multiple computers and eliminates the need to add these bookmarks on all of the computers that you use.

InterClue – lets you preview links before actually arriving at the site. It displays how many words are on the site and various statistics which saves you time by allowing you to determine if a site is useful before you visit it. It also allows you to email or copy the link.

AutoFill Forms – very useful for anybody who completes a lot of Web forms. Eliminates the need to provide your personal information from one site to another. Just hit ALT + J, and this plugin will fill out the relevant form fields with the correct data.

SearchStatus – displays relevant Web statistics about a particular site so you can know if those sites are reliable and authentic. Stats include Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank and Compete data. Also features backward links checker, meta tag finder, and keyword density calculator.

Better Gmail 2 – a very useful made-for-Gmail Firefox plugin that provides hierarchical labels, new skins and designs. It supports a customizable signature as well.

InterNote – Firefox’s very own sticky notes that lets you add notes to any Web page. A great tool for providing yourself with reminders about Web pages.

Scribefire – my most used Firefox plugin, this is great for bloggers. Just hitting the F8 key will bring up a split-screen that allows you to write blog posts or read other blogs. It lets you upload videos, links, quotes and images using FTP, YouTube, Flickr and many other web services. Essentially, Scribefire eliminates the need to open up your blog dashboard.

IE Tab – for those who still can’t stop using IE, yet like to use Firefox as their main browser, this plugin offers a solution. It allows you to open up both Firefox and IE at the same time. This is a great tool where web developers and coders can compare how one site appears in both browsers.

GooglePreview – lets you insert preview images or thumbnails as well as the popularity ranks of Web sites into both Google and Yahoo search results pages.

StumbleUpon – allows you to discover blogs and sites according to your interests. It also let you connect with friends and share your discoveries with them. You can also meet people with similar interests and find out what they are discovering.

Yoono – lets you socialize your Firefox browser by bringing together all of your friends. Specifically, it lets you follow what you’re Yoono friends are doing, chat with them, and discover and share content using drag and drop methods. It supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and more.

BlogRovr – another time-saving tool that fetches posts from your favorite blogs. It shows you summaries that you can read without being redirected to another window. It also gives you suggestions on popular items and allows you to Twitter any site that you find interesting.

Fireshot – another one of my favorite and most used Firefox tools. Web image capturing is an essential task for bloggers like me. Fortunately, this plugin does the job easily and pretty well by providing editing and annotation tools that let you modify Web image captures. You can easily add text and graphical annotations on those Web captures. It lets you capture either the entire Web page or just the visible part. It saves images into either PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP format.

Email This – another great email function enhancer tool. It lets you send the link, title and highlighted text of the page you are viewing using Gmail, Google Apps Gmail, Yahoo and other stand-alone email clients.

CaptureFox – if you’re looking for a screencast recorder, look no further. All you need to do is install this plugin and you can start creating tutorial videos which you can easily save on your PC for viewing using your PC’s video player. Final output takes the form of AVI.

Piknik – lets you add menu options when you right click on images and makes it easy for you to pull the images and put them on Picnik for editing. You can also take screen shots and import them into Picnik.

Feedly – weaves Google Reader, digg and delicious together and presents them into a magazine-like format that make RSS reading more pleasant. Also integrates with Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Friendfeed. Allows importation of Netvibes, Bloglines and MyYahoo accounts, bookmarks and OPML files.

WOT – with the proliferation of Web scams, malware and viruses, a little help from this plugin certainly makes Web browsing more pleasant. This application warns you about unsafe Web sites and help protect your computer against online threats. WOT aims to build a Web of Trust with the help of this plugin.

SpeedDial – transforms your Firefox browser into a mobile phone like interface. It lets you easily access your most-visited Web sites by allowing you to assign them speed dial buttons.

Webmail Notifier – this simple application does a pretty useful job. It notifies you of the number of unread emails that you have on your email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other Web-based email clients.

TwitterFox – by the name of this plugin alone you’d know what it’s about. Integrates Twitter and Firefox and lets you see your Twitter friends’ statuses. It adds a tiny icon on the status bar then notifies you when your Twitter friends update their statuses.

Firefox Companion for eBay – for eBay traders, this plugin is definitely useful. It lets you keep track of your eBay trading without needing to visit the eBay site.

Boost with Facebook – Facebook is not to be left without its own Firefox plugin. This tool provides you with 300+ facebook skins, 30+ special features, selectable options, custom album viewers, video downloader and more. – if you’re familiar with and actually a user of, you’ll find this tool very useful. It gives you direct access to’s music library.  You can listen to your favorite artists and discover new artists. You can also listen to your friends’ favorite music and find other users with the same musical taste as you. Most importantly, it lets you access your favorite online music stations.

Wikipedia Toolbar – this plugin is great for students and researchers who extensively use Wikipedia for their information and research needs. It helps you navigate and edit Wikipedia pages.

Fast Video Download – a simple plugin which lets you download video files from sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and more. It makes them free downloads.

Gmail Manager – this is a great tool for users who maintain multiple Gmail accounts. It lets you manage those accounts in one interface and lets you display account details, unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used and new mail snippets.

PDFescape Extension – with PDF being the accepted format for Web file downloads, PDFescape provides a free PDF editor and form filler. It lets you quickly open PDF files online, eliminating the need to fire up Adobe Reader.

AdBlock Plus – oh yes, who doesn’t want to get rid of annoying banner ads? This plugin just might be the answer. It lets you block ad banners the second time you find them. You can also filter subscription when Adblock Plus starts up for the first time.

Glubble Family Edition – today, the most widespread problem for parents is protecting their children from online predators. This plugin lets you give your kids a safe, fun and educational Internet surfing experience.

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