The Simpsons mocks Apple – and about time too

December 1, 2008

Anyone who reads Blorge regularly will know I’m not a big fan of Apple. Which makes this occasion a bit of a Godsend for me. Yes, The Simpsons has finally mocked Apple, renamed Mapple especially for the occasion. As always with the best satire, everything joked about on The Simpsons has its basis in fact.

There’s very little middle ground with Apple: you either love the company, what it stands for, and its range of products, or hate them. I’m in the latter category, with only the iPhone interesting me in the slightest. Otherwise, I find Steve Jobs and co full of pretentious hot air and little in the way of substance.

The big problem is that Apple take itself too seriously, believing all of the hype spouted by various fan sites around the Internet. Thankfully, MAC. BLORGE has a much more balanced viewpoint, reporting when the company screws up as well as when it occasionally does something brilliant.

The Simpsons has been running for almost 20 years, and in that time, the show has spoofed, mocked, parodied the best and worst elements of society. Apple has appeared before, but the latest episode, broadcast on the FOX network on Sunday, Nov. 30, spent a full six minutes ripping in to the company. Giving joy to those of my ilk who would no sooner buy an iPod than set their pubic hair on fire.

At this point, I’d planned to embed segments of the parody from YouTube but the clips have all been removed already. They are still available on Hulu and but I’m banned from watching them on either site due to being non-American … which is nice. But it matters not.

The episode sees Springfield get its own Mapple store, a pretentious glass cube full of pretentious people willing to pay over the odds for products that aren’t as good as those from rival companies for a lot less money. Lisa Simpson cannot afford to buy any of the products on display, due to them being way overpriced, but Krusty the Clown gives her his unwanted myPod.

There are then jokes galore at Apple’s expense, including a spoof of the famous 1984 advert which itself spoofed the book, 1984. But the best jokes are reserved for when Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears on a big screen to talk to the assembled masses. Bart Simpson takes the microphone and rejigs Jobs’ speech.

If you can get hold of the episode online, easy if you’re in the U.S. but harder otherwise, it’s definitely worth a watch. The Simpsons doesn’t always hit the mark these days, with Family Guy taking over its mantle somewhat, but on this occasion a big target is definitely taken down a notch or two. And about time too.

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