Intel researching self-powered mobile devices

December 7, 2008

Intel researching self-powered mobile devices Intel recently revealed that the company has been researching alternative methods to powering portable devices. The goal of the research is to develop a way to power these devices via the environment. If such technology was possible, the application for the technology would be limitless.

According to PC World, Intel indicated that cell phones are a perfect candidate for such technology. Practically everyone owns a cell phone these days; however we are tied down to the battery life of the phone. How often do you find yourself needing to use the phone to only find that the battery was dead? With this new technology your cell phone would be powered on indefinitely.

Intel revealed that the company is working on tiny sensors that are capable of capturing energy from various sources, such as the sun and from body heat. Similar technology does exist today with watches that are powered by your body heat or PDAs with screens that double as solar panels. However, the technology is still far from where a device could sustain indefinitely from alternative sources.

Intel also revealed other methods of capturing energy by the radiation of the phone. Justin Rattner, chief technology officer at Intel, talked about self sustaining devices that you could program to monitor buildings and forget about them.

Rattner said:

It wouldn’t have any batteries, you wouldn’t have to come out and service them, and you don’t have to run any power. They are completely self-contained, and most importantly, self-powered as a result of scavenging energy from the environment.

Rattner also indicated that Intel has developed working self-charging neural implants that can monitor bodily functions and sent the data wirelessly. This application would be great for those that are sick. Hospitals could dispatch an ambulance based on the individuals’ vitals quickly. Unfortunately, Intel does not have any solid plans on marketing the product at this time. We will just have to wait and see if this idea is just a pipe dream or becomes reality.

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