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December 26, 2008

The Web is a big hulking mess, and it’s ever-expanding. So it’s hard to keep track of the essential Web sites now populating the Internet. Which is why we here at Blorge have compiled our list of the Top 100 Web sites you must visit before you die.

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place, and often as we go about our daily lives, we experience only a small part of what the Internet has to offer. The 100 Web sites presented here are ones we think sum up the diversity and richness of the Internet, and which we urge everyone who has more than just a passing interest in the Internet to visit at least once in their lifetime.

These sites are presented in no particular order and some people may argue with the inclusion of some and the exclusion of others. But we hope you agree that these 100 Web sites show the quality and diversity present on the Web in these enlightened times.

Top 100 Web sites you must visit before you die

Garfield Minus Garfield – Take Garfield out of the comic and the result is funnier than ever.
4chan – An image-based BBS where many virals begin life.
Holy Taco – Pictures, videos, and lists… all funny.
Zero Punctuation – The funniest game reviews this side of Timbuktu and probably beyond.
LOLcats – Pictures of cats in compromising positions – sounds terrible but needs to be seen to be believed.
IMDb – Internet Movie DataBase – Cast lists and information on every movie ever made.
Flickr – Photo sharing for all.
Digg – The biggest social media site on the Web.
YouTube – The biggest video-sharing site on the Web.
Snopes – Debunking urban legends galore.
The Onion – Still the funniest satirical news site on the Web.
B3ta – A message board full of viral breakouts waiting to happen.
Perez Hilton – The snarkiest celebrity gossip blog.
Download – Free software downloads and reviews.
EarthCam – Webcams showing views from around the world.
GameFAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about every video game known to man.
About – Guides to every subject known to man.
Wikipedia – The online encyclopedia that can be edited by all.
eBay – The ultimate flea market for those bargain hunters out there.
Facebook – The best social networking site on the Web.
MySpace – The biggest social networking site on the Web.
The Pirate Bay – The world’s largest BitTorrent tracker for music, movies, and games.
The BBC – A huge portal covering almost every aspect of interest.
Post Secret – Postcards containing secrets sent in anonymously.
Google Search – The only search engine you’ll ever need.
Craig’s List – Classifieds for everything, everywhere.
Rotten Tomatoes – A movie review site which pulls no punches.
Bloglines – The best Web-based news aggregator.
Boing Boing – A group blog covering all aspects of pop culture.
Indexed – Organizing that which normally cannot be organized.
Dictionary – A free online dictionary.
How Stuff Works – Anything and everything explained in detail.
The Wayback Machine – Archiving the whole of the Internet.
Urban Dictionary – An archive of slang terms you may have heard but need explaining.
Imeem – A social networking site based on sharing and watching media.
Last FM – An Internet radio and community Web site.
Pandora – An Internet radio service which recommends new music.
Drudge Report – A mainly political news aggregator known for breaking stories.
CNN – A huge portal best for U.S. news.
Twitter – A micro-blogging service gaining users and notoriety.
Kotaku – The best gaming news source on the Web.
Lifehacker – Tips and tricks for all aspects of life.
Silicon Alley Insider – A technology gossip blog.
Slashdot – A social media news site based around science and technology.
Plurk – Combining Facebook and Twitter in one easy application.
Oddee – Covering all that is considered odd and bizarre.
YouTomb – kepping track of all videos removed from YouTube and why.
Damn Interesting – Articles sure to inform as well as entertain.
Howcast – How-To videos covering all kinds of topics.
Songza – An Internet jukebox utilizing the power of YouTube.
Friendfeed – A news aggregator that also acts as a social network.
Hack N’ Mod – A collection of hacks, mods and projects to keep you busy for years.
Lulu – Cheap and easy self-publishing for budding authors.
Weather – The ultimate source for weather news .
Uncyclopedia – A parody of Wikipedia that contains satire galore.
WordPress – Want your own blog? Then stop here first.
New York Times – The site of the daily newspaper, containing news, editorials, and multimedia.
The Times Online – The site of the daily newspaper, containing news, editorials, and multimedia.
CNET – If you like technology, you’ll love CNET.
Amazon – The first stop for most online purchases.
StumbleUpon – Discover new sites at the click of a button.
Funny Or Die – Comedy video site from Will Ferrell and co.
Blorge – The site you’re reading, with technology, gaming, and much more besides covered in-depth.
Google Mail – There’s no finer Web-based email service.
Remember The Milk – An online task management application.
Yahoo – An online portal with sections to suit all tastes.
Zoho – A collection of free and easy-to-use apps.
Nasa – The site of the space agency with everything you need to know about what’s above us.
Google Maps – Maps of anywhere in the world using satellite or terrain details.
ESPN – The best site on earth if sports is your thing.
Rotten – If death, suicide, and bizarre occurrences are your thing, Rotten is indispensable.
Apple iTunes – Share and increase your digital media collection with the ever-popular iTunes.
iGoogle – A Google homepage you can personalize to your heart’s content.
Mike The Headless Chicken – The story of a headless chicken… called Mike. No, seriously.
Fact Check – Checking that what politicians are saying is actually true and backed up by facts.
Truth Or Fiction – Find out if that email you just received is a scam, urban legend, hoax or the truth.
You Got Rickrolled – Keeping tabs on one of the biggest viral phenomenons the world has ever seen.
The Fail Blog – Endless examples of fails.
The Darwin Awards – Find out how some people have proved Darwin correct by cleaning the gene pool.
Metacritic – A review score aggregator for all forms of media entertainment.
Firefox – If you’re an Internet Explorer user then you need this site right now.
UpMyStreet – Detailed information on your place of residence (Currently UK only).
PopUrls – The mother of all aggregators.
Wikileaks – Kepping tabs on leaked documents and corporate wrongdoings.
LinkedIn – The ultimate social networking site for business-minded individuals looking to expand their contacts.
Friends Reunited – A social network to help you reconnect with old friends.
Runescape – A free Web-based MMORPG for those who find World of Warcraft too geeky.
Dilbert – Scott Adams’ highly acclaimed office comic strip.
The Joy Of Tech – A hilarious tech-related comic strip.
Zamzar – Converts a file from one format to another, totally free.
Dopplr – A social network for frequent travelers.
Loopt – A mobile-based social network that lets you visualize and share information with other users. – Create your own streaming radio station.
Reddit – A social media site with a love for the bizarre.
Picnik – A browser-based photo-editing suite.
Blurb – A haven for those looking to self-publish books and more.
Cooliris – Search using images, cooler than it sounds.
WorldTV – Create your own television channel.
CIA Factbook – Everything you ever needed to know about every country on earth.
XKCD – A stick figure comic strip that’s as funny as it is incomprehensible.

Let us know what you think of our list of the Top 100 Web sites you must visit before you die in the comments section of this article. Feel free to add your own suggestions so that we can add or amend the list in the future.

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