How to hack Bluetooth cell phones, and how to protect yourself

February 22, 2009

How to hack Bluetooth cell phones, and how to protect yourself You may not realize that walking around with Bluetooth enabled on your cell phone leaves you vulnerable to hackers.  They can easily connect and manipulate your phone simply by using a Bluetooth connection.  We’re here to explain how it’s done and how to protect yourself from such an attack.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that uses the 2.4-GHz frequency range for its transmission.  Most new cell phones have Bluetooth by default these days for things like wireless headsets, in-car connectivity, syncing with a computer and many other uses.  While Bluetooth has proved to be a very useful tool for cell phones, many are unaware that it opens doors to hackers.

Cell phones, and the telecommunication industry as a whole, was once a “closed network,” meaning the technology used was closed from outside hackers (for the most part).  Today, as cell phones become more like mini-computers, the industry has opened up, so to speak, and just like computers have always been susceptible to attacks, the same is now true for cell phones and mobile devices.

Up until Bluetooth was incorporated on cell phones, the only communication method used by the device was the carrier or network connection.  Now that Bluetooth has been associated, it provides a perfect entry point for manipulation.  The fact that cell phones carry a lot of private data these days, makes “Bluetooth attacks” even more scary.  While simply having Bluetooth as a feature on your cell phone doesn’t make you vulnerable to attacks, walking around with the Bluetooth function enabled and “visible” does.  Many people turn on Bluetooth to use a headset or sync with their computer, and then simply forget to turn it back off when they’re done.  This is why Bluetooth hacking has become so prevalent and so easy to do.

When Bluetooth is enabled on your device, it’s essentially broadcasting the fact that “I’m here, and I’m able to connect” to any other Bluetooth-based devices within range.  This makes using Bluetooth simple and straightforward for the consumer, but also lets hackers know which ones to target very easily.  Here’s how it’s done; a hacker can simply download some special software and install it on a laptop or netbook.  He can then install a Bluetooth antenna to that computer and put everything in a backpack, briefcase, etc.  Now, all he has to do is walk around public places where a lot of people are concentrated, and let the computer running in his bag do all the work while no one has any idea what’s happening.

The software on the computer will constantly scan the nearby surroundings of the hacker for active Bluetooth connections, and when it finds them, can do a variety of things without the owner having any idea what’s going on.  The entire process is automated for the hacker as well, so all he has to do is walk around for as long as he can and collect as much data as possible, which he can then manipulate.  Some attacks are less damaging from others, but Bluetooth allows the hacker to do many things.

Once the hacker’s software finds and connects to a vulnerable Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, it can do things like download address book information, photos, calendars, SIM card details, make long-distance phone calls using the hacked device, bug phone calls and much more.  There’s a myriad of software freely available that’s made specifically to attack cell phones via Bluetooth connections, and every time an update to the technology or certain cell phones becomes available there’s bound to be new hacking software for it.  Certain attacks have become so prevalent that they even have names these days;

“Bluesnarfing” is the term associated with downloading any and all information from a hacked device, and can even allow the hacker to send a “corruption code” to completely shut the phone down and make it unusable.  “Bluebugging” is an even scarier hack- it involves using special software to connect to a device and silently making it call another device, usually one the hacker is using, to act as a phone bug.  The hacker can then listen in on anything you and anyone around you is saying.  Beyond these attacks, hackers can use software to route long-distance calls to worldwide locations to your phone using Bluetooth, which in turn sticks you with the carrier roaming charges.  Likewise, a hacked phone can even remotely be used to make “micro-purchases,” or purchases that show up on subscriber’s monthly bills.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and these are just a few examples of what can be done utilizing the Bluetooth connection on cell phones.  Many think that they’re safe from such attacks because Bluetooth is such a short-range communication method- a hacker would have to be within a few feet to be able to do anything.  With special antennae that’s been developed solely for this application, hackers can connect to cell phones that are up to a 1000 feet and more away.  The entire process is just to easy for hackers, all they need is some special software, an antenna of some sort and some basic knowledge.

Luckily, not all Bluetooth-enabled cell phones are vulnerable to all attacks.  Bluesnarfing and other attacks may work while bluebugging doesn’t on one make and model of cell phone, while only bluebugging and nothing else works on another.  That’s why hackers generally setup a variety of hacks, and when they’re out and about performing their attacks on un-suspecting victims, the software will automatically identify the cell phone model and attack it accordingly in any way it knows how.  The bottom line is any cell phone that has built-in Bluetooth can be hacked, it’s just a matter of what type of hacks can be performed.

The best way to avoid such an attack is to simply remember to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it.  A lot of people will simply put Bluetooth in “hidden,” or “private” mode which they think will hide themselves from attacks, but in reality, hackers have already figured out how to find them.  Disabling the function altogether is the only way to curb an attack.  Bluetooth hacking hasn’t become as big a problem in the US as it has elsewhere where Bluetooth is almost ubiquitous, but it will soon.

In Europe, people use Bluetooth and their cell phones to make purchases and to store very critical financial and personal information.  Bluetooth hacking becomes much more serious when they have access to such delicate information.  As that technology moves its way to the US, we’ll have to deal with the same issues, that’s why it’s important to know how it all works and how to proactively protect yourself.

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67 Responses to “How to hack Bluetooth cell phones, and how to protect yourself”

  1. hopw they hack:

    whats the intial stage to start hacking mobiles?

  2. Stylianos:

    Where in Europe bluetooth and cell phones are used for purchaces?

  3. aaditya:

    jast importent

  4. Andy:

    Can phones be hacked via bluetooth without pairing? Are there settings on phones within bluetooth setup that prevent access from non-paired devices?

  5. praveen:

    how to hack mobile bluethoot

  6. praveen:

    can you tell me important process to hack the bluetooth?

  7. daa:


  8. madhu:

    show visual of hacking cell phones

  9. subhadip:

    how can i hack mobile phones with blutooth?

  10. wowaname:

    @above: There is a handy thing called Google. Use it.

    Or at least spell correctly…

  11. Deepak:

    i want to turn ON my friend’s phone blutooth automatically is der n e technique to turn ON automatically without authentication of victim phone……….plzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyy

  12. mack:

    can anyone help me to find how to do this

  13. ---L-X---:

    Its not much of a worry now, bluetooth hacking is allot harder, most of the time you need the other persons phone to except your phone (Pair with) or else it wont allow anything from your phone to get to their phone unless they have excepted you and even then most of the applications that run on phones for bluetooth hacking don’t work properly I’ve tried plenty of the ones on the net with my phone at school most of the applications have bugs and errors that happen and if they do work it just lets you see their files and what they have on their phone but you can’t read or transfer them to your phone and i have to get them to accept my phone (i tired it with one of my mates) there are other apps out there that i haven’t tried but basically once you’ve excepted the other persons phone they can do anything they want with your phone supposedly if they have the right software otherwise your safe it all depends on the phone too it would probably be easier to do it from a netbook or laptop but still the victims phone would most likely still have to accept you atleast with nowadays phones

  14. Macravin:

    Not true at all, I have hacked many phones via bluetooth, and have not found “nowadays phones” to be even a slight challenge. You do not need to pair your phone (well DUH, that’s the scary part!).

    However, the iPhone, Blackberry, and HTC Hero phones are near impossible to hack.

  15. Hermanac:

    Macravin, what program do you use? Because I have the superbluetooth hack v1.08 and BT_INFO and they have to pair/ask other device before hacking is possible.

  16. scatman:

    hack my ass you son of bitches!!

  17. Getalife:


  18. jtc0182006:

    can someone help me out i don’t know how to do this.

  19. sarkar:

    I am doing a project on demonstration of ethical hacking of my mobile phone through bluetooth. Please send me a good tool or software to demonstate ethical hacking of my mobile phone through bluetooth. My mobile phone is NOKIA 7230

  20. aman:

    how to hack a bluetooth device without pairing between source and destination?

  21. wissam:

    i want only the name of the software then i want download it

  22. Dude:

    Those people are NOT hackers. You are referring to CRACKERS. Get your facts right, a HACKER is not a bad guy!

  23. parin:

    Can phones be hacked via bluetooth without pairing? Are there settings on phones within bluetooth setup that prevent access from non-paired devices?

  24. UrbanAssasin:

    I have ClubMZ’s E-Spy, and it’s no good, every time i try to use it it sends a message to the target phone asking them to accept, hows that meant to be secret, if anyone knows of any software/freeware that can do a better job please let me know, im pretty desperate right now to get something like this going

  25. Joe:

    I came here looking to see if anyone was posting on a possible way to stop from being hacked other than turning off your bluetooth. Oh well…

    About Dude’s comment:
    Anyone who connects from one system to another through unconvensional means is called a Hacker. There are good and bad hackers. Good hackers are known as White Hat Hackers. Whle the bad ones are reffered to simply as a hacker. A cracker is a type of software.

    White Hat Hackers gernerally work for companies to help make new OS and other software safer, regular hackers just do what ever they want to do. Harmful or not. Even if you just hack just to see if you could do it, if you don’t have permission than it is illegal even if your intentions were “good” like remotely installing a helpful program (yeah right more like spyware and keyloggers) into someones computer or phone.

    A little warning to those that are trying to learn how to hack. If you do learn and get caught and get into trouble unless you know how to really clean your system, I’m sure most of you don’t have the proper software, when you get yourself caught your computer will be what really gets you in trouble. Everytime you google something the search criteria is ran through a computer to find what you are looking for, then it displays the results. Your IP is stored along with the keywords you used in your search. It doesn’t stop there. everytime you visit a website your IP is logged there. Everytime you post on that site your IP is logged with your post even though you can’t see it. Once under investigation they take you computer and “strip it down” and everything you searched for and said will be used agensted you. If you want to learn to become a hacker goto school for Information Technology.

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  27. rakesh:

    how to hack other mobiles without pairing with them and can we enable the bluetooth of other mobiles without any his permission

  28. Jayjay:

    How do I hack or see the text message history of a phone without having any access to have it in my hands? Y?
    Is there any free trial software to do it even for a da

  29. Kristijan:

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    I can change a languich,turn of mobile and others things…BTW he call super bluetooth!!!

  30. lobo:

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  31. mohamed:

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  32. tehsusenoh:


    Stop cheating.

  33. dave:

    This looks like the answer to my problems! I recently have been hacked. I have an LG Rumor, and my bluetooth talks to my car. I think a neighbor must be hacking in because I suddenly have $250 worth of songs and ringtones charged to my account. SPRINT is my provider and they have not been very helpful so far. They called the charges “legitimate” I’m turning OFF my bluetooth NOW! thanks for the blog :)

  34. t.Dupre:

    I have been hacked on my new 2mo old blackberry phone,that took me over 2yrs of wishing for one b4 I fiNally was able to last year and,I paid almosT $500 dolLars for,and this truely iS wrong and terribly dIsturbs me that other people could stoop so low as in order to hurt someone,that they don’t even care about the great lost that they will cost the person,and tHe possibility of not being able to afford another phone to replace their ruined one!!!

  35. hackme:

    please send me this software download link….my EMAIL

  36. Kunal:

    I have sometimes used bluetooth to browse files in a phone which i had paired few days before as it does not ask permission to connect as i have paired once before.any other tricks?

  37. linux11:

    HOW can I acivate it and how can I use it ???

  38. gq:
    Then select your phone,click on apps chose any application then in top 10 there wil be bluetoth hacking program

  39. Otota:

    Wen ever it abt connecting, it stl nofies other person of d bluetooth connection, pls iz another way that it wil jst conect without notifying the peson lyk screen lyts, beeps, alerts etc. plsss reply

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