Recycled fabric scraps make green cotton insulation

February 27, 2009

Recycled fabric scraps make green cotton insulation Most green insulation is made from recycled material, recyclable material or both.  Cotton insulation is no exception.  Made from 85 percent post production denim and other cotton fabric scraps, the insulation is also recyclable.

Bonded Logic makes its patented Ultra Touch Cotton Insulation and Ultra Touch (cotton) Radiant Barrier from 100 percent natural fiber cotton from post production scraps of blue jeans and other cotton fabric.  The scraps would normally be tossed in the local land fill but instead become excellent insulation.

Cotton insulation like other green insulations, doesn’t require special clothing or masks to install.  It doesn’t emit noxious fumes and requires no warning labels.  The batts are made up of 85 percent natural cotton fibers and provide excellent acoustic insulation as well as heating and cooling insulation.

The cotton fibers are treated with Boron or another boron based mixture that works as a fire retardant and mold inhibitor.  Treated cotton insulation is also fungi and bacteria proof making the interior of your home warm, healthy and safe.

The cotton batts are installed like other batt insulation by fitting them between joists in roofs, walls and floor boards.  The cotton insulation batts are slightly oversized so that they can be held in place primarily by friction.  Most cotton insulation does not have a vapor barrier attached, so if your building code requires one a permeable vapor barrier is best.

Like other green insulations, cotton insulation “breathes” absorbing and releasing moisture.  If it gets wet, it doesn’t disintegrate nor does it become infested with mold or fungi.

The radiant barrier that is manufactured by Bonded Logic has the same properties of the regular cotton batting and also has one side covered by an aluminum barrier.  Not only can the radiant barrier be used in the house but also in motorized vehicles and boats.  This barrier is especially good for use with floor radiant heating, as a water heater “jacket”, and roofing insulation.  It also does an excellent job as an acoustic insulator.

Manufacturing cotton insulation uses little energy,increasing its green credentials.  The durability and R-value are excellent.  But like sheep’s wool and hemp insulation, cotton insulation doesn’t have many manufacturers.  However you can find cotton insulation online, or at your local Home Depot.

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2 Responses to “Recycled fabric scraps make green cotton insulation”

  1. gavin davis:

    if i wanted to buy some of the insulation, where do i go to buy it?

  2. nick:

    a video of the cotton-denim insulation may be found at

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