Today’s Mama- Twitter for Moms

March 28, 2009

Could Mom’s get into Twitter? While there are undoubtedly tons of mom’s already in existence on Twitter, a new microblogging site called “Today’s Mama” popped up this week offering Twitter like functionality JUST for moms.

Twitter users will immediately see the extreme similarities between Today’s Mama and Twitter. The “Connect” portion of the site allows users to post 140 character messages, and messages directed at a certain users are designated with the @ sign just as posts are on Twitter, and topics are designated with a # sign.

Where Today’s Mama differs however is that the site offers other content beyond the “Twitter” feed. There is a section for giveaways, articles on parenting, handbooks, a calendar, and a place where local mothers can find support.

The Twitter feed itself has a few differences as well. Users can join groups on the service, such as a group for the particular area they live in, or a book they’re reading- and send messages to just the members of that group by adding an exclamation point to the end of the groups name.

The group idea is certainly one that Twitter itself could benefit from. While users can filter through their tweets using 3rd party software, there’s not currently any functionality to do something like send a tweet to “just my mom friends” or focused in any way from the general masses. It would be nice to see Twitter add the ability to join groups on the site, and group contacts together such as “The work peeps” and tweet to just them on occasion.

While Today’s Mama certainly isn’t the first site to copy the basic idea of Twitter, it definitely sets itself apart with its added functionality. Do you use any “Twitter rip-off’s”? What do you like about them? What additional functionality would you like to see added to Twitter?

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