Microsoft loses Internet Explorer market share to Firefox

July 5, 2009

Microsoft loses Internet Explorer market share to Firefox Microsoft has been on a rampage with its Internet Explorer 8 browser lately. The company has been pushing the latest browser with a slew of advertisement campaigns and contests to foster interest in IE8. The reason as to why Microsoft has been so aggressive probably stems from the fact that IE usage has been on the decline.

Many news sites have noticed Microsoft’s sudden change in IE marketing tactics. PC World even goes into details on why Microsoft is continuing to beat a dead browser. Microsoft has clearly been investing in marketing as there is a noticeable uptake in ads for the browser.

However, this could all be a knee jerk reaction to a drop in Microsoft’s market share of Internet Explorer to competitors like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. According to Tech Crunch, even though IE7 is still the most popular browser today, it took a decent 11.4 percent plunge this year. The 11.4 percent went to the other browsers out on the market, with Firefox taking the lion’s share.


Looking at the graph, it seems like the gap between IE7 and Firefox 3.0 has been reduced dramatically over the last year. Firefox has been picking up steadily in usage while IE has been dropping gradually.  This definitely has to have some of the executives at Microsoft worried as IE usage is on the decline.

The latest stat for the month of July shows something very interesting. IE 7′s market share is currently around 31 percent while Firefox 3.0 is about 28 percent, which is extremely close. It seems like the browser wars is fully underway with Microsoft facing serious competition for the first time. It will be interesting to see how this graph will look like by the end of this year. Will Microsoft still remain on top with IE8, or will Firefox take the top spot?

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7 Responses to “Microsoft loses Internet Explorer market share to Firefox”

  1. randygland:

    could you have used a smaller graph showing the statistics? I’m finding the colours and text a little bit too clear and easy to read.

  2. john:

    If more people knew about firefox and chrome NO ONE would use IE!! And with the EU not allowing M$ to include IE with windows7 EVERYONE is going to be using chrome or firefox. VIVA proper browsers, none of this IE BS, use up all my memory and jam my PC peice of shite software!

  3. Legend:

    Actually, if you add IE8 and IE7 together, Microsoft is still on top. Windows Update now automatically updates users to IE8 so I’m sure this is why you see a decline in IE7.

  4. dcbronco:

    When I saw this link I knew it was the Ass-Clown Mike Ferro. Did MS rape your mother or something? Dude get a life. I use Firefox. But this isn’t about browsers, it’s about you looking for any reason to bash MS. If they have done something to you, take them to court. But there are other companies doing things wrong out there. And lately MS has been doing a lot right.

  5. balmer:

    dcbronco, stop sucking MS’s sack!!!

  6. dcbronco:

    Balmer, stop sucking Mike Ferro’s sack. If this idiot can’t do any better than Fox News, like them and any other fake reporters, they should just STFU.

  7. bethlynn:

    Thank you Mike Ferro for this post. On my website the changes in Microsoft’s market share will be followed until June 30, 2011. From the image it looks you used the Market Share by Net Applications ( I find your image strange because Market Share by Net Applications didn’t post their June numbers because they are “still under review. Did you check out the figures of other web stats counters? I recommend W3Counter which maps IE8 at 2.37% market share.

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