Apple planning major announcement for week of Sept. 7

August 13, 2009

New Apple Tablet rumors point to possible trouble for the Amazon Kindle While it isn’t a major shock as this will be the fifth year in a row, Apple is planning a major keynote event for early September.

Ah, fall. The air gets crisp, the leaves change and Apple has a major keynote event so it can dip deeply into our wallets once again with shiny new gadgets.

According to Peter Kafka of All Things D, Apple has alerted music industry executives to be ready for a major keynote announcement to be made the week of Sept. 7.  This is not the least bit shocking as Apple has used the week after United States holiday of Labor Day for the past four years as a time to announce new products and line refreshes.  This has come to be known as “the iPod event”, but that doesn’t mean it will be limited to those products.

The two major items that people are speculating will come out of this event will possibly be the new “Cocktail” file format they have been working on.  This format is believed to be in direct competition with the CMX format that the four biggest record labels are supposedly working on, but it is unknown how or when the Cupertino, CA-based company will unveil this.

The second item that everyone is expecting is of course the long rumored Apple Tablet.  This September has long been rumored to be the unveiling of the device, so this again falls in-line with all of the rumors.

The biggest mystery is if this will also herald the return of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  Mr. Jobs has not made a major public appearance since October 2008, and he took six months off during that time to deal with health problems.  He returned to work in late June, but still has not made an appearance.  If this event is to have a major product launch, it is highly doubtful that he would not be there.

Tuesday is traditionally the day for Apple events, so mark your calenders for Sept. 8.  There is an off chance they may wait for that Wednesday so they can tie in to the date 09/09/09, but we’ll see.

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