Google Reader adds multiple new features

August 13, 2009

Google Reader adds multiple new featuresGoogle is on a roll with new features this week, and now it’s time for Google Reader to get a whole slew of them.

Google has already been busy this week with the launch of new social features for the iGoogle start page, and now the attention is being lavished on the Big G’s popular feed reader, Google Reader.

According to the Official Google Reader Blog, there were several new features announced, but the biggest has to be the new “Send To” feature.  Now when you share something with your contacts on Google Reader, you also have the option of choosing to send it to your accounts on Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Twitter.  You can choose which ones to add by heading over to your settings page and clicking on the boxes of which services you want to include in the drop down menu.

Ever wanted to easily subscribe to the sites your contacts in Google Reader list in their profiles?  Now you can just bring up a page and click the subscribe buttons for each service that they have listed in their profile.  It can be from blogs, Twitter, various social services and more.  This will save you a lot of hunting and pecking around on sites looking for subscription links.

The final new feature is gaining more control over what you mark as read.  Previously you had to mark everything or nothing, but now you can choose based on the date so you can just mark ones published before the current day, week or two weeks old.  This was a much needed feature for people with dozens, if not hundreds, of feeds.

It’s nice to see that a company like Google doesn’t just sit back on its heels.  With its total dominance of the search market, they could just be lazy and never work on anything again, but yet they keep innovating and adding features.  Kudos to them.

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One Response to “Google Reader adds multiple new features”

  1. Jolene:

    I’m sure it works great if your place of employment didn’t block all social networking sites (grrrrr) I miss my FB!!!! (snort)

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