Still dominating Twitter & MySpace, is Facebook an unstoppable force?

August 13, 2009

Still dominating Twitter & MySpace, is Facebook an unstoppable force?  While MySpace might have been the first social network to truly grab the headlines and Twitter is the one doing that at the moment, Facebook continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Is Facebook now an unstoppable force that is going to continue growing until it becomes the most-trafficked site on the Web?

Friends Reunited was the first social network I heard of. I signed up and still have an account to this day. Then came MySpace, again I signed up and still have an account to this day. However, I very rarely check these two sites out, signing into them maybe once a month. Whereas Facebook still receives my attention multiple times a day.

Twitter has threatened to draw my attention away a couple of times but I always end up coming back to old faithful, a term which cannot be applied to Twitter in light of the DDoS attacks and downtime the site has experienced recently. And it isn’t just me that uses Facebook more and more these days, with the latest stats showing the social networking site is still growing at a stupendous rate.

According to Inside Facebook, the latest comScore figures show how Facebook is dominating its nearest rivals. In the U.S. Facebook traffic grew an impressive 14 percent month-over-month in July. The site now enjoys 87.7 million unique visitors every month. In the same period, MySpace stayed in its flat line state managing 68.3 million uniques in the States. While Twitter grew around 5 percent, bringing it 21.2 million uniques.

Over the last year Twitter is the big winner, enjoying a 2,613 percent traffic increase, but that’s because the last 12 months have seen Twitter go from a niche site only used by tech-savvy people to a mainstream property. Facebook has enjoyed a percentage increase in traffic of 124 in the past year, which is more impressive even than Twitter’s when you consider how much traffic the site was already getting prior to July 2008.

MySpace is now definitely on the slide, while Twitter continues to claw its way up to being a force in social networking. But Facebook is still the market leader and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. This week has seen Facebook buy FriendFeed and reveal plans for Facebook Lite, both of which are likely to increase its visitor numbers.

Facebook already boasts a population that if it were a country would make it the fifth largest in the world. And its dominance looks set to strengthen if anything. Which must be worrying for every other social network out there. It’s also a scary prospect to think of Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) as the dictator at the head of such a powerful force. Darth Vader comes to mind.

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