Web video viewing hits record highs in July

August 29, 2009

Web video viewing hits record highs in JulyIt seems people decided that instead of going on vacation this summer they would stay in and watch videos on the Internet. At least that is what one report is implying.

According to data for July released by comScore, the average online video viewer watched an amazing 135 online videos during the month.  Google, of course, got the lion’s share of this traffic with a total of 8.9 billion videos watched across all of its video properties, but a full 99 percent of that viewership was on the undisputed king of the video world, YouTube.  All told, Google accounted for 42 percent of all online video traffic last month, meaning that the hopes of any other video site coming even close to them right now is pretty much slim to none.

The big news was in the gains that Hulu made.  The site co-owned by ABC Inc., Fox Broadcasting Co. and NBC Universal saw its unique visitors grow from from 36.9 million in June to 38.1 million in July. The site also saw the average number of videos per visitor grew from 10.1 to 12, meaning people are staying on the site for much longer periods and viewing far more ads.

Silicon Alley Insider decided to take all of this data about Hulu a step further and compared the traffic data with the subscription numbers of traditional cable companies and satellite broadcasters.  While Comcast and DirecTV still were ahead of Hulu, the online video site actually beat out Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable company in the United States, for total number of users in July.  While this number is fascinating, cable subscribers are a bit more stagnant in their usage, so while Hulu may fluxuate, Time Warner is unlikely to.

While it is unlikely online video will completely replace cable subscriptions any time soon, if this data continues to grow as it has, online video looks certain to not be going away.

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