Palm paying developers to keep up with the App Store

September 16, 2009

Palm paying developers to keep up with the App Store How can Palm keep up with the massive catalog of applications stacking up in both the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace? By paying developers to create versions of their applications that run on WebOS, of course.

The revelation comes from the founders of CitySourced, an application that lets users report bad behavior in their neighborhood. The company is releasing its application for Palm users before the Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile versions.

What better reason to bring CitySourced to Palm users than thousands of dollars in cold hard cash? All the founders would say is that the amount was definitely less than $500,000.

They couldn’t say precisely based on a non-disclosure clause in their agreement with Palm. The struggling handset company might be a wee bit bashful over having to pay developers to stock their App Catalog.

Both the iPhone and Android mobile operating system have attracted throngs of developers with dreams of making big bucks releasing mobile apps for the platforms. However those dreams only come true for a small handful of iPhone developers.

But what’s so bad about commissioning developers to bring high-quality applications to Palm’s customers? Google had the Android Challenge that gave away $1 million to winners, though it was in the context of a competition.

Palm is still in the early stages of a comeback, with the first two phones on its new WebOS platform announced so far. And there’s nothing so unpredictable as a former legend with his back to the ropes and investors peering over his shoulder.

Overall the new WebOS platform shows promise but needs more momentum to be able to compete in the thriving smartphone space. A well-stocked App Catalog might keep Palm from falling further behind, but it still needs a hit device to truly turn its fortunes around.

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