Google launches new Commerce Search for retailers

November 5, 2009

Google launches new Commerce Search for retailersJust in time for the holiday shopping season, Google has launched a new Commerce Search engine to aid retailers in making sure customers find just the information they need.

The months of November and December can make or break retailers both in the traditional brick & mortar world, as well as the online world.  The problem for the eCommerce sites is that they only have about 8 seconds to impress a customer and keep them on their store.  A full 70 percent of those customers make that decision by using a site’s search feature, and if it’s disorganized, then they are just completely out of luck.  Luckily Google has heard the cries of online retailers, and they aim to do something about it.

Google Commerce Search is a new tool from the monolithic search company that is built specifically with online retailers in mind.  In the Google Blog post about the new service, the company mentions that not only has it built this search engine with helping customers in mind, but also the retailers.  Unlike most search features that are fairly non-interactive, and deliver search results and nothing else, this one will allow retailers to customize the user experience a bit by featuring items, making suggestions of other items the customer may find interesting based on what they searched for and allowing them to have control over just how their products are displayed.

One of the nicest features, and a mainstay of Google search products, will be a spellchecker that assists the customer if it looks like they may have incorrectly remembered the name of a product.  A list of suggestions will be shown to the customer, but it is up to them ultimately to pick which one is correct.

The only problem with the timing of the launch is that many online retailers lock their sites down to any system changes after Oct. 31st as they don’t want to risk errors and downtime during the all important holiday shopping season.  You may see this roll out on some sites this year, but my bet would be it’ll be come more common after the first of the year.

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