Google Chrome OS could “launch within a week”

November 13, 2009

Google Chrome OS could "launch within a week"Google first announced its Chrome OS operating system in July. Many people were very interested to see what Google could do to enter the already crowded OS market. Those people may now not have to wait much longer as there are rumors that Google Chrome OS is to “launch within a week.”

The rumor comes courtesy of TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington, who heard the news from “a reliable source.” He claims that Google Chrome OS will be available to download in the next week, which would mean by Nov. 20. There is now discussion around the blogosphere as to what will actually be released next week and how useful/important Chrome OS will prove in the long-term.

This is likely to be a very early build of the Chrome OS, and to that extent be unusable on anything but the likes of the Asus EEE PC and other low-spec netbooks. It may not even be that big of a release, with PC World speculating this will be nothing more than the source code meant for “software developers to tinker with.”

Even Arrington concedes that this early version of Chrome OS will be lacking driver support in any big way. Despite Google reportedly having a legion of engineers working on this side of the project, hardware manufacturers will be playing their part too, and most of them won’t have functioning drivers ready for next week’s proposed debut of the operating system.

Netbooks released running Chrome OS aren’t due until the second half of 2010, so this early release is likely to be a work in progress that is unusable for the general public. However, what it should do is provide information about the look and feel of the Chrome OS, and whether this is likely to be a challenger to the newly-released Windows 7 or even its Linux-based brethren.

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