Millions of Xbox Live users flock to the new social media apps

November 24, 2009

Millions of Xbox Live users flock to the new social media appsIt seems Xbox Live users are also social media mavens, at least if the reports from Microsoft are correct.

Last week Microsoft launched new apps for Xbox Live that allowed subscribers to interact with their Facebook, Twitter and accounts. While we are sure some of the huge numbers of users being reported are just people trying things out, they are still nothing to sneeze at.

According to a report from CNET, approximately 2 million people checked out their Facebook accounts in the first week the service was offered.  This is an addition to half a million new accounts being created, but there was no word on how many existing users checked the service out.  The only application to get no firm numbers was Twitter, although Microsoft confirmed that users from every market serviced by Xbox Live had logged into the microblogging service.

The most impressive number was that over 120 million minutes of music had been streamed from in that first week.  This shows that it was for sure more than just a casual check by curious users if they streamed enough music in one week to equal 228 years.

Of course the true test of success will be how many of these people continue to use these services.  If you don’t have the keyboard attachment for your controller, typing in a message on Twitter, even though it is only 140 characters, would quickly get tiresome with the on-screen keyboard.  And while 2 million people logging into Facebook is impressive, keep in mind that there are over 20 million total users of the Xbox Live service.  Then comes the question of no matter how much these users may like social media, are they really going to want to turn on their Xboxes and use social media when they could be playing a game or watching a movie?

Return users will be the true benchmark of how this experiment is working out, but somehow I doubt we will get as much information out of Microsoft at the end of week two.

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