Top 100 most influential Web sites around the blogosphere

November 26, 2009

Top 100 most influential Web sites around the blogosphereThe Internet is like a huge living organism, slowly evolving and growing. Which is why sites which keep track of the comings and goings are important. URLFan is one such site, and it tracks Web properties by blog mentions. And its current Top 100 most influential Web sites as determined by blogs and bloggers makes for interesting reading.

The blogosphere is the worldwide network of blogs which digest, consume, and react to news around the Internet. Blogs are increasingly breaking stories but a huge part of the blogosphere is still to take a story, add an angle or opinion, and start a new conversation as a result.

URLFan taps into this side of the blogosphere. Rather than ranking Web sites by popularity purely in terms of traffic, URLFan ranks more-than-three million Web sites by mentions on blogs. Below is the current all-time Top 10 (accurate as at Nov. 26, 2009), while the full and ever-changing top 100 can be found here.

URLFan Top 10 Web Sites


No surprise at all to see Wikipedia top the list, a position it has held for at least a year. It’s common sense for a blogger to source Wikipedia when trying to explain something readers may not be au fait with. Sure, the online encyclopedia may not always be 100 percent accurate but it generally gives a good outline of the topic being discussed in a blog post.

YouTube is no surprise either, as it is the online video site which everyone knows and has access to. Flickr is similarly well-known as the default service for uploading and sharing photos.

In terms of social networks, Twitter is now more influential than either Facebook or MySpace. The Top 10 is rounded out by the New York Times and Apple, the former reveling in its position as a reliable source for news and the latter probably getting more press coverage (especially by fanboy bloggers) than their products or sales deserve.

Click here if you’d rather see Blorge’s list of the Top 100 Web sites of all time.

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