Twitter is full of unused accounts according to recent study

January 27, 2010

Twitter is full of unused accounts to recent studyThere has been a lot of questions about how many users there are on Twitter, and now a research group has gathered a wealth of information that points to a service that has a lot of users, but not quite as many active as you may have thought.

RJMetrics has used the Twitter API (application programming interface) to do some detective work to discern some information about just how many users of the service there are.  According to their research Twitter currently has 75 million accounts, and is adding 6.2 million more per month.  While this is still an impressive growth rate, it is off the peak the site experienced in July 2009 by about 20 percent.

The curious bit comes in how many of those accounts are active.  According to the data only 17 percent, or 12.75 million, of the users sent at least one message in the month of December 2009, an all time low for the service.

While this is still a very healthy service, it appears it isn’t quite as active as some have assumed.  Does this mean its dying?  Of course not, but it is still interesting to get a better idea of what is going on with everyone’s favorite time killer.

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