Why the Apple iPad is a huge disappointment – more bad than good

January 27, 2010

Why the Apple iPad is a huge disappointment - more bad than goodI was there along with everyone else watching the live stream and reading the live blogs of the Apple iPad being unveiled today by Steve Jobs. And I was impressed, for a time. Then reality kicked in, and it became more about what was missing and what was bad than what was present and good. Once again, Apple is offering style over substance.

I don’t like Apple. I’m happy to admit that. I hate the hype, I hate the fanboys, I hate the (over)pricing of all its products. However, while I would never buy a Mac, I cannot deny that some other Apple products have piqued my interest. The original iPod set a trend, and the iPhone and iPod Touch are truly great innovations.

So I was open-minded about the iPad going in. I didn’t like the build-up, but I was intrigued to see how the final product would shape up.

First the good: The entry price point of $499 was a surprise and does mean the iPad will sell. The iPad looks fantastic, and by all reports feels great to hold and use. It’s fast and responsive, the battery life of 10 hours is fantastic, and the $30-a-month unlimited 3G deal is very nice. The improved iWorks looks nice, and iBooks means the Amazon Kindle’s days are surely numbered.

Now the bad: The price ramps up quickly for the larger hard drives and 3G models. The 3G deal is only with AT&T. There is no multitasking, which means the iPad cannot possibly hope to compete with laptops or even netbooks. There is no camera, meaning no Skype or video chat. There is no Flash support, meaning casual games, video sites, and graphic-heavy Web sites are going to be a no-no. The name is catchy but it does sound like a sanitary towel, and is a little close to iPod for comfort. Non-optimized iPhone apps look terrible on the iPad. There are no USB ports, no HDMI port, and no GPS.

As you can see, the bad clearly outweigh the good, which is a real shame as the iPad could have been brilliant. The thing is, it’ll still sell like the proverbial hotcakes, and even I, after pointing out its many flaws, want one. However, rather than being an essential purchase, I think it will remain a luxury gadget until some of the wrongs are put right. My advice? Wait until iPad Mk II.

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115 Responses to “Why the Apple iPad is a huge disappointment – more bad than good”

  1. Randi:

    I’m right with you on Apple being overly-hyped. I can’t stand them. As I said on my twitter account, my laptop from HP is fast, works great, and cost LESS than the new iPad. And it can do everything that the iPad can do and TONS more.

    Sorry – Apple has failed.

  2. Adam:

    Hey Dave, iPad specs clearly mention that GPS is a part of the iPad, albeit only in the 3G model, but it’s in there. Maybe they’ve updated the website specs sheet since you wrote the article, so whilst they’re at it, front-facing 1.3mp web cam would be a nice little add in.

  3. Erick:

    Seriously apple! When you were almost dead to the world it was the graphic artsts, digital arts, photographers and similar communities that kept you alive! Now, your most anticipated product, that could have been penabled was a f@#$ing smack to our faces! I know Steve Jobs hates pen technology, seriously get over your self! Mabey google will do it beter again. I hope they decide to make a tablet someday. for me considering all your bads and my wants i have seriously been disappointed again!!

  4. TreDavid:

    Why would they not consider building in a cd-rom drive? I do agree that they should have atleast put some usb’s on the side, there’s plenty of room. The camera is not a main concern for me, but i would have liked to see the iPad carry a little more qualities of a computer rather than a larger version of the iphone. I would pay twice their asking price if they had a cd-rom drive and the usb’s. I would have also like to have seen them put the different memory card ports on the side as well, instead of having to mess with all those adapters they are expecting to sell. Just seems like to many pieces for something that is supposed to be portable. I mean, look at laptops today, many have more cords plugged into them than desktops. maybe i will just go with the gateway touchscreen desktop design instead of the iPad, after all, who wants something that works like a phone and doesn’t do anything different than what we’ve already seen?

    the iPad is basically a larger iPhone? Is this really worth it?

  5. Veritas:

    Randi…retard, as evidenced by her use of an HP product…next..Erick….another retard…nuff said….iPad will rule and I hope you all get cancer and die!

  6. iPhone User:

    I was a die hard PC user and technician for over 5 years till I went to school for Graphic Design and learned the truth. There is a reason that Apple has so much hype and fanboys, they make the better product. Plain and simple! Mac OSX is FAR superior to Windows, sorry but its the truth. As for your HP running “fast” and can do “everything” the iPad can…..really..can you pinch the screen with your “fingers” and stream through photos, maps, videos, does your HP laptop get 10 hours of battery life? The answer is no. However there is one thing that your HP is great at that the iPad will never be able to do. Get ready to pat yourself on the back for this one. You might even want to get yourself a cookie as a reward. Ready???!!!!!! You can get VIRUSES!!! yeah!!!!!

    Enjoy your HP.

  7. iPhone User:

    to TreDavid. The purpose of a Tablet device is for mobile productivity, something light and small, mostly used for emails and business related practices, if you want a CD Drive…get a laptop. This is the first of its kind, there will be improvements. Apple can’t think of “everything”, but they did think of “most everything”. I’m not surprised they didn’t waste hardware by putting a camera on it, that would be awkward to do with this device, hold it upright and tap the camera icon…. I admit though, more variety for flash media would be nice. As for the pricing. I was expecting more! Chances are if you are in an enterprise business and your business invests in these devices, they can afford it just fine. If your the owner of a major business, you can probably afford it too. As for $500 base price with a $30 a month unlimited data???? Seriously??? That’s an awesome deal!

    “people fear what they hate, and people fear what they don’t understand”

  8. The Man:

    Hey fanboys, instead of bashing a HP and wanting people to have cancer, take off ur fanboy goggles and look at the real picture. It’s a disappointment. iPhone user, I don’t think the iPad runs OSX so…good job.

    If wanted an iPad I would’ve bought an iPhone.

  9. Jamac:

    I’m a apple fanboy, but I have to agree with you about ipad : no camera, just 64 GB, no flash…

  10. Vinod:

    I didn’t see if they have webcam (camera) built in???
    I would like to use it for Video chat etc…

  11. Kevin:

    I love my iPhone but I’m not about to spend 500 for an oversized version without a camera. In a few years when it has a webcam, multi tasking and a better name I’ll happily pony up the cash for it. I pretty much want the tablets they had on Star Trek, whoever makes that first at an affordable price will get my money.

  12. Jordan:

    At the end of the day, Windows, Linux and Mac all have good and bad points. It is all depending on what someone wants to use a specific product for that really counts.

    As a designer and music producer as a side thing I find the Mac out weighs the PC by miles. This is just fact. Yes they do the same thing in the end, but the process is just much more of a pleasure on the OSX system than Windows and comes with way less issues and bugs than a PC has.

    “you just didn’t set up the PC correctly” someone is thinking. I’m a tech engineer so trust me that this is not the case.

    As a tech person, I use Windows to find problems in a system. For me I do like the DOS environment for this and it is also what I trained on for this. I also find a lot of developers swear by Windows, but then again this goes back to what function the system is for.

    I love Linux. Thats all I will say about that. It it exciting because so much is being done with it and its open. Maybe just not as much supported for software applications, but if you run a Linux server then its perfect for that job. And the amount of Linux based firmwares… You are probably using a Linux based firmware in you NAS or router device now!

    Now, down to the iPad. Its great for my Dad or a little sister or even on the move like sitting on the train. It is for me at this time though.

    The problem is that it does run on the iPhone OS. This sucks. I like it for the iPhone and Touch, but not really for this. Its great for someone else, maybe even the majority of people who only use internet all the time but for me as a designer its not a practical thing to use.

    I guess the only function I’d use it for are for reading PDFs, but that for me isn’t enough.

    As a designer, I would like to see one that can use a pen and runs on OSX. This way I can install my software that I would actually use and find productive. Something more along the lines of the MacBook conversion kit.

    Maybe I am wrong and someone can disagree with my views, but I can only see it from my side.

  13. Panzer:

    Unless the iPad has eInk tech that I don’t know about, the Kindle is going nowhere. Ever try to read a ebook on a backlit screen for long periods of time. Not enjoyable.

    Now I know people read ebooks on their 1/2in screen mobile phones, but that’s just plain sadistic.

  14. Salo:

    Wow.. i like i phones, itouches the hype isnt that bad personally i like windows and linux and android a million times more than osX still… this is really a dissapointment apple you basically grabbed all tha flaws in an itouch and gave them 10in space to show off. Steve come on atleas give us replaceable batteries, or maybe a faster processor, or flash, or some good games, howbout a screen that dosent smudge, or and iphone with legs (kiddin), and btw stop putting down pc untill you have something with the graphical quality of crysis or atleast some decent games. Also no camera sucks, therefor you basically took cellular service and the camera outa an iphone and pumped up the screen, if you are a fanboy or an apple geek and wish to give me the “cancer speech” go ahead but i stand stropn this product sucks.

  15. Adam:

    Looks just like another person who has to bash the product before it’s even released. It’s just as if I would say Windows 7 is crap before it was even released. You were probably one of the people bashing the iPhone and saying how it wouldn’t last and wasn’t worth it. Now look, it’s the most popular phone on the market today.

    And then complaining about what it doesn’t have…did you pay attention at all to the keynote? It’s supposed to be a mobile device that is to be used for certain functions. It’s not meant to be a full fledged laptop it doesn’t need all the connections. Why the need for an HDMI port? It’s a portable device…It’s not meant to be connected to a TV. Camera? Yes, I will give you that one, but it’s version 1.0…relax, I’m sure it will be coming in future models. And, if you did your research, you would find there are adapters they are making so you can connect USB devices to it.

    Just calm down and wait for the product to actually be released before you completely write it off.

  16. MO:

    To Veritas…Cyber harassment is a cowardly, lowly phenomenon.

    Before you comment, give it a ponder.

  17. Jordan:

    Also to Veritas….

    I am sure you have never known or met someone that is dying of cancer of has died.

    I really hope that you never do.

    Shame on you dude.

  18. Lol@yourPAD(but i love my MBP):

    My Sidekick lx09 does all of this (save the touch screen and battery life). It’s only $100 with contract, and since my account is grandfathered, my 3g unlimited data, text, IM, whatever is $20 a month. Plus it’s smaller, has a camera, gps, makes calls, and more. It’s whatever. All the hype was expected.

  19. Musicus:

    They should’ve come out with this before the iphone, this won’t fit in my shirt pocket : / anyways apple is gonna hurt a little since many bloggers and youtube videos have been anticipating a better ipad which prob we won’t see in 3 years, and c’mon as much as you don’t wanna admit it “you are dissapointed”.

  20. Jared:

    I’m indefferent to macs and pcs. I think macs are bad A but a pc is more practical for my uses. Now, ya gotta realize people, apple knows darn well what product they’re trying to sell, AND IT’S NOT A LAPTOP!! Hence, if I were writing this review, I’d disregard the fact it doesn’t have USB or cd drives. I’m halfway tempted to disregard the complaint about multitasking (it would be cool, but I think I’d rather have a cleaner more responsive iPad).
    That being said, it is SUPER lame flash isn’t supported (if it really isn’t. I mean, that doesn’t make sense why apple can’t do that. What’s so hard about it?). And most of all, I HATE that there isn’t a camera. Obviously, apple is pulling a marketing move. Dang them! As for me, I honestly don’t know if I’m gonna bite and buy it now or hold out til they come out with the camera. We’ll see what the wife says.

  21. Doug:

    The rumoured Microsoft Courier looks SO much better than this. I have an iPod touch, and I really like it for certain things. Skyping is great (with WiFi), and the email is great. There are a few other apps that I like too. However, I really don’t want a bigger, more expensive version of it. It doesn’t run Flash, it compresses pictures and videos (for no reason), so when you run them on a big screen, using Apple’s $50 cable (the only one that works), the quality is crappy. Why, Apple, why? There’s absolutely no reason to compress videos and pictures. The “thats not waht its ment for!!!!!11!!!” argument that the fanboys always bring up is tiring and pathetic. I should be able to do whatever the hell I want with my iPod because it’s MINE, not Apple’s.

    And that’s why I prefer PC. PC lets you do whatever the hell you want with it, whereas Apple is very strict and limited to certain “approved” uses. While that does give certain advantages to the Mac, and the iPod, it sucks in too many other ways to make up the difference.

    And that’s why Courier will be better than the iPad, in a nutshell.

  22. Jordan:

    Hey Jared, that does suck about Flash, but some good news. Flash CS5 will have the option to create apps for this device built into the software.


  23. Jordan:

    Hey Jared, that does suck about Flash, but some good news. Flash CS5 will have the option to create apps for this device built into the software.

    P.S.: Forgot to add solid post!

  24. Jordan:

    Well for the iPhone, but no doubt it will be expanded for the iPad too.


  25. Mack:

    I agree with the writer of this article…I hate apple too…I hate the hype..everything about them..but they HAVE HAD SOME decent products..I have an Iphone..but if another company had something almost the same as it I’d probably opt for it instead.

    The iPad seems like a big version of the Iphone, but without phone capabilities…looks like a waste of money to me. Especially without multi-tasking and a camera..but thats just me.

    I’d rather spend the $500 on…anyting BUT this..

  26. iPhone user:

    To The Man: I never said the iPad used OSX, I am well aware that it’s a completely new OS. Read carefully. I was comparing Mac platform to Windows platform. And as for the cancer comment, that wasn’t me, pretty uncalled for to say the least. As for HP bashing and the take off the goggles and see the big picture….your arguing with me about two different things that I commented on and your mixing the responses. Nice try tho.

  27. Erick:

    Microsoft Courier! nice. thank you for that hope. i would have preferred apples consistent platform stability, but this might solve my problems with going digital with my art. i have the HP Pavilion tx 2000, it solves some of my problems except weight battery life and temperature. it gets so hot i put a tinny bit of egg on the bottom and it actually cooked. i think that is one reason I’m so disappointed. apple usually knocks me out of the park. i love PC, Mac and Lynux, and i can say they all have there pros and cons. I’m a fan boy of technology, and apple throttles back there technology so they can make more money and i guess i cant fault them for that, but it does frustrate me. as for me getting cancer, well i served i Iraq and have suffered some damage from that so maybe we are even :) i wish no ill will to any fan. being a fan in our consumer nation is important! And everyone here made some wonderful points, I thank you all for good conversation!

  28. Mr Bungle:

    “iBooks means the Amazon Kindle’s days are surely numbered.”

    How? Why? The iPad doesn’t even have an eInk screen, which is the very essence of the Kindle. Plus it’s nowhere near as portable. I’m an Apple fan, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to start reading books on this thing. It would be no different from reading them on a laptop, i.e. horrible.

  29. iPhone User:

    IN RESPONSE TO FANBOY HYPE: An Explanation for why Apple Fanboys are the way they are. “prepare to read”

    I’m going to address this on two different perspectives. As a Graphic Designer, I’m going to address it on a Creative Arts perspective, and as both a PC Technician and a Gadget Geek, I will talk about this on a technical and Software Platform perspective.

    First off, I believe that a good technician should be fluent in both Operating Systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Like I said in a few posts above, I have been a computer technician for over 5 years. I have repaired all makes and models of PC’s, some Macs. But when I left home to go to college for Graphic Design, my PC days were over for a reason. Mac is the standard in the creative world and its the standard for a good reason. It works the best. If you are the type who claims that the Adobe suite works “just as good” if not “better” on Windows platform…okay, your opinion. But I challenge you to say that in a room full of graphic artists. You…will….get….verbally slammed, because you are wrong. I have used the Adobe Suite for over 8 years. I started on a PC and used to think that there was no difference. Boy I was wrong. Mac OSX simply runs Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, etc. soooo much smoother than PC.

    So what point does this make?? Am I saying that all of the Apple fanboys are creative artists of some sort?? No not at all. But it does point out where some of the attitude is coming from that Apple makes the better product. The difference in how the Adobe software works better on Mac is mostly due to Mac OSX’s interface. Sorry if I have offended any digital artists using PC’s but this is cold hard fact, ask the professionals. In fact, VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) has one of the best art schools on the East Coast of the United States and to get into their Graphic Design program it is now REQUIRED that you buy a Mac for courses.

    Now speaking on a technical perspective. What do people use computers for??? Let’s see, email, internet, gaming, productivity, music, video editing, photo editing, etc. Whether your a Mac user or a PC user, this all depends on what you use your computer for.
    If you are a gamer, chances are you use a PC. The way games are programmed, the Windows platform just works better.
    If you are a business person, chances are you are probably using a PC mostly because Microsoft is (unfortunately) the standard for business solutions.
    If you are an artist, well, we’ve already covered this.
    So if you haven’t noticed, I listed Windows more than Mac, there is a logical explanation behind this. Yes, Mac had a major falling out a long time ago, this is one reason. Two, Microsoft are in a way….cheap whores. They don’t care if what the customer wants is a bad product, what ever enterprise companies want, Microsoft does for cheap low quality, example…Microsoft Office 2007, horrible interface, many people were like “wtf is up with this docx bs??” Enterprise businesses wanted something new and flashy, something to work their way even though they aren’t the technology experts…so Microsoft does what the Enterprise businesses want because …well…….they’re getting paid either way! I’m not saying Microsoft can’t make a decent product, look at 7! Great new OS, its what Vista should have been. Very fast and responsive, I personally send Bill Gates a congrats and a pat on the back for 7. Great healthy competition for Snow Leopard! But I must quote Steve Jobs here, “Microsoft has no class”. Sorry PC users, but he’s right. Microsoft makes products with little care, look at Vista. They started taking copies of XP off the shelves to make people buy Vista, they realized they screwed up and wanted to ensure they made their money. Microsoft’s whole mentality is, program it now, test it a little bit, send it out and fix bug central later while everyone is complaining, they don’t care! They are the industry standard so they are still making money.

    Apple has a different mentality. They would rather put out a product that they put blood sweat and tears into and making it as a flawless as they possibly could because they care and put pride into what they make. One reason they are not the typical enterprise business solutions standard is because they care what they put out. If they think there is a better way to do something then they will tell the clients that, if Apple is going to do something, they are going to do it the way ‘they’ think is the right way…and usually they are right.
    (example) When the iPhone first came out, Steve Ballmer laughed at it he said something like “it doesn’t even have a real keyboard, people will never buy this product”. 3 years later the iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones in America, if not the number one smart phone. I’d say Ballmer ate his own words.

    Now continuing with the technical examinations between platforms. What makes Mac better than PC…if it is at all. A lot of talk comes up about prices “well my PC only cost me $499 when Apple wanted $1200″. Okay, this a great area to dish out so real truth lol. First of all, why are there price differences among computers?? Simple, different hardware specs. It takes a certain hardware standard to run an Operating System the way it was meant to run. If little Timmy walks into Best Buy and purchases a $1300 Dell and little Johnny walks into Best Buy and purchases a $500 Dell, I GUARANTEE you that little Timmy’s machine will run faster, perform greater and most likely out last little Johnny’s machine. Why? Because that $1300 machine is built correctly to run the Operating System the way it was a MEANT to run. Apple computers are priced the way they are for a reason,…
    A. any Mac you purchase is designed to run the OS the way it was meant to be ran, therefore, no lack in performance experience.
    B. your paying for quality, both in software and hardware. MacBook Pro’s are made of some sort of metal, honestly not sure what it is. What are most PC laptops made of?? Usually plastic…cheap……..plastic.
    C. your chances of getting a virus on Mac platform are slim and none, all though I have seen them before.
    D. last but not least, Operating System stability. As a computer technician I cannot BEGIN to tell you just how much more stable Mac OSX is compared to Windows. And if it isn’t as stable as its designed to be then Apple Care has your back (of course as long as you invest wisely in the warranty, this rule of thumb goes for all technology)

    Of course that whole scenario above totally depends on what your going to be using your computer for. If all your doing is internet, IM, email and facebook like the average college student and you don’t care about running the risk of getting viruses or BSoD’s, poor customer service and technical support (don’t get started on HP) and cheap hardware that is not necessarily designed to run the Operating System the way it was meant to….then your the perfect candidate for a PC! Have fun! Enjoy!
    Oh…..did I mention that Apple computers don’t come with all those special offer icons and trial software that you will most likely never use which really just take up space on your hard drive? Hmm, well, I did now.

    So……..why is it that Apple Fanboys act the way they act? Two reasons. 1. They know the truth and they are proud of it. Nothing wrong with that.
    and 2. Most of them tend to be, artists, and I’m sorry to say but artists and creative people tend to have that attitude that they know better and are better than everyone else (sort of like Prius drivers!) . That attitude sort of comes with the territory, I should know, I’m one of them. But most of us try not to act like our crap doesn’t stink, it just happens. If you don’t like us, just ignore us. But if you keep bashing our product, expect us to fight back. Its free speech and we are proud of our Macs.

    Bottom Line: Technical Spec Truth + snobby creative people = the majority population of your typical Apple Fanboy cult lol!!
    If you can’t fight us, join us lol ;~)

    Oh and for the person who was dissapointed about iPad being on the AT&T network, there was mention that you could cancel at any time. An inside source of mine told me that because AT&T’s contract is technically not yet up so Apple kind of had to stick with it for now and they are not really legally able to say that they are going to Verizon yet. That may or may not be accurate but I find it interesting that there was no contract to be made when purchasing the iPad.

    Not everyone is going to be impressed with new gadgets. Tablets are not for everyone. Simple. But for the people who can use it, I think they’ll have a blast using it!! A lot of heart and soul went into this beautiful device.

    Well, I hope someone out there was elightened by this miniature novel lol. Good night everybody.

  30. Ralph:

    I’ll pass on this as it is too expensive and too limited. I am waiting for those $199 Freescale models that are due out shortly.


  31. FreedomLover:

    wow 30 comments!! That must be more in a day than Blorge gets in a month haha

  32. AAA:

    Some decent points iPhone User however I wont be “joining you” even if I do buy a Mac. It’s funny that the people who love apple so much are the ones whose attitude puts people off.

    “They would rather put out a product that they put blood sweat and tears into and making it as a flawless as they possibly could because they care and put pride into what they make.”

    I disagree here, you’re trying to make it sound like they really care. They are a business, it’s all about the money. Sure they might care a bit but at the end of the day its all about sales especially in a big company like Apple. The only way they win sales over microsoft machines is their quality and their stylishness. So basically they are building quality machines because THEY HAVE TO in order to compete. Not necessarily because they want to make a great machine.

    The idea of that University forcing people to buy Mac’s to attend their course. Hillarious and sad. It’s not very artistic either, being forced to use certain things.

    Just to give you a feel for where im coming from.
    I’m a music tech student and I use Mac’s a lot and I have few problems with them, the same goes for the PC’s I use. So really its all good depending on what you want to do with it. Im all about practicality.

    It’s just a pitty about the attitude of some Mac users which in turn creates the die hard PC fan. Both as bad as each other.

  33. BCovington:

    So, to be clear, the tablet WILL NOT allow for ‘writing’ on the screen? Is that what is meant by pen technology?
    A simple smart phone has handwriting recognition software. You can write on the touch screen and the input is stored digitally.
    So is it true that the iPad will NOT support this in any way? Sad. What a waste. There was a lot of potential there.

  34. realist:

    To iPhone User:
    I own both Macs and PCs. I own an iPod touch. I think the iPad is cool and am very likely to buy on… BUT,

    I have been using Adobe Products in both Graphic Design houses and in Enterprise IT shops for over 15 years – back when Designers used Quark and Flash was made by Macromedia, etc. In the design shop, I was pretty much alone using my PC in a room full of Mac users, and all I can remember hearing all day long were the Macs rebooting and people crying out… did you save? I never had such problems. Granted, this was back in the Windows 2000 vs. Mac OS 8 and OS 9 days, and you are talking mostly about OSX, but did you ever use 10.1 or 10.2 or 10.3… how long were they around before Apple abandoned them?

    I agree that if you ask an artist which is a better, a Mac or a PC they will always say a Mac because it’s “true.” But I never hear anyone ever saying why, other than that’s what I’ve always used and I’m used to it. Now you say it’s because of “OSX’s interface,” but what about the OSX interface exactly is better than Windows? Tell me why the only way you can resize a window on a Mac is the lower right hand corner of a window? Not very useful or intuitive.

    The main reason PC’s are cheaper than Macs has little to do with quality, but more to do with quantity… volume pricing!

    As for your comments about Enterprises wanting “new and flashy” software??? Have you ever worked for an Enterprise level company??? All they want is stable and functional. Most are still running Windows XP and Server 2003. And I really find it interesting that you think business professionals aren’t technical experts, but artists are??? I’ve worked with both, and my money is on IT staff… not the artists… sorry.

    Oh, and by the way, the iPad is not running a new OS… it’s the iPhone OS… just ask the developers. In fact, the iPad offers NOTHING new, except for screen size. It’s a big iPod touch, with the possibility of adding 3G. And yes, like I said, I probably will buy one.

    I agree with Jordan: Macs, Linux and PC all have there place. If you’re more comfortable with one over another than good for you, but why look down your nose at someone who thinks the other is more appealing, or useful, or practical. I think fanboys are despised because of comments like Veritas’ – you have tried to offer some justification for OSX, but to call it “truth” is a bit stretched.

  35. George:

    You need something for ipad 2.0 in the next 6 months. I would suggest the “now the bad list” is the new 2.0 “feature list”

  36. Martine:

    what a disappointed. Expected a tablet].

  37. BoguSoft:

    With all this talk about tablets … I need a tablet for my headache

  38. mike:

    calling someone a retard because you don’t like what they have to say is so immature and makes you look like a total tool.

  39. Goodbyeboy:

    “They would rather put out a product that they put blood sweat and tears into and making it as a flawless as they possibly could because they care and put pride into what they make.”

    Hahaha this cracks me up. Don’t get me wrong I work in the music industry n I own pretty much all the Apple products, but really, I have to disagree on that one. You don’t even know how many friends I know had to constantly replace and repair their MacBook pro constantly – I was lucky one but right now my CD driver refuses to read CDs n Apple is asking $500 just to repair it. Before half voluntarily being forced to use MacBook pro cuz of my school, I used countless PCs n yes they had problems but NONE one of them refused to read CDs…. If Apple really put pride and blood or sweat or whatever u claim to put, my $2400 MacBook pro should have no problem reading CDs….and they are mostly made in China so don’t even get me started when it comes to quality.

    If my Macbook pro was built with pride n sweat and specifically made to operate properly as u claim, why the hell is my $2400 MacBook pro can’t even read CDs that I had no problem whatsoever with many PCs starting 15 years ago?

    Also, just because u use Apple products doesn’t mean I have to join ur fanboy club – because really if u r a true professional u would NEVER say such things – every product has it’s strength and weaknesses, and only spoiled brat hipsters would say such things n spend money simply because it has a bitten apple on the back. And sadly, those so called few and proud apple users, go into that category.

    I like Apples design – no doubt, but their quality is pretty bad comparing to their hype and other leading competitors, especially when it comes to iPod. And that’s the truth.

  40. Doug:

    Apple charged more because they put their “blood, sweat and tears” into a product? Really? Definition of deluded, right there.

    Apple charges more because, for years, they’ve cultivated an image of being exclusive and got people to buy into it. That’s all there is to it, really. And best of all, for the company, they have legions of fanbois who troll the internet to defend them and their expensive, overhyped products. Do you really think that Steve Jobs is an altruistic deity who only does good things for others? Not at all – he’s primarily a businessman, and you’re helping him do his work with ridiculous statements like “we know the truth.”

  41. Macfan:

    @Iphone User,
    Im a Mac user for a few years now, But ive been a pc user most of my life. With your viruses comment, there are heaps for PC but seriously. You have to be a gimp to be getting them that much that you needed to change opperating system,
    Macs>PCS all the way with that but seriously. Even the Itouch has viruses, you just gotta be stupid enuf to get them,
    Mac beat PCs hands down just at there new track pads

  42. Lady Kaede:

    First, fanboy or no, I’m conversant with Windows, Linux and OSX, and have been in computer tech since 1982.

    Second, “hard drives” Dave? You sound like my grandpa, and hardly an expert.

  43. Tammy:

    Hey iPhoneUser, yeah we really believe you were a “Diehard PC USer”. I pegged you as a fanboy before I finished the first line. Honestly I think Steve Jobs needs to rethink this whole project. He opened the intro saying that netbooks dont do anything well. I know one thing they do well that iPad doesnt, FLASH. As to all of the little cartoon looking apps you spout I can find any number of programs for Windows that achieve the same goal and yes I can pinch my trackpad as well. As to your comment abouit how much better OS X is to Windows I think you need to try Windows 7 it is by far the best OS I have ever seen.

  44. MetroidJunkie:

    Hey, iPhone User, AKA Apple fanboy sucking on Steve Job’s wang. Did it ever occur to you that there’s a difference between hardware and software? You’re blaming PCs for programs running slower? I have no such speed troubles with Ubuntu when running OpenOffice, GIMP, etc. as PC Hardware is almost identical to Mac Hardware, it depends upon the OS.

    I think the sad part is that my PSP can do most of the things Steve Jobs bragged about with the iPad outside of touchscreen crap. (Oh my gosh, you can change the wallpaper! Revolutionary!)

  45. Shadowwraith:

    I don’t know about how I feel about the ipad. I think, in the big picture, not having USB port isn’t a big deal. Sure, the way we work today, everyone is like “OMG! no USB! its a computer with no way to load, save or backup!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!”

    But think about it, usb is only one way to load things, you can use the internet, and ofc there are many ways to connect using that. Reducing a device to its essentials might cut out some of the conveniences we use, but I think in many respects, Apple is trying to first create a market for such a device and still remain profitable. Consider that it might be true that each technology they incorporate that they didn’t create in-house they have to either pay someone else to make or they have to pay royalties to the patent holder to use?

    So at this point, they are entering the market, saying “Hey everyone would you like one of these?” If everyone says “HELL YES!” then on next iteration they will look at complaints and concerns by customers and make a market weighted decision on what features to incorporate on the next version. And since they won’t have as large of a design hurdle to surmount they can focus the cost of R&D on these new areas of improvements.

    If, however, iPad hits the market with a resounding THUD! They can slash margin on the existing iPad, empty available stock and clear the way for the next i(insert flat idiom here).

    Remember the G4-cube? It was a cool idea, although I think Apple misses the boat on modularity. And cost wise, or whatever it was that sunk it, the G4 hit the market like a cow pushed off a plane, it was a total flop. The mac-mini has faired better, but I still think it could be more modular. Guess I just wait till computers are so cheap you buy-em in a gum-ball machine at the laundromat.

  46. Tyler:

    @Tammy…..yea… sure Windows 7 is the best OS! Thats why it locks up as much as Vista? I love all the new features like: the freezing, the apps not responding, windows explorer not responding, the 4 minute boot time, the desktop icons flickering, the 2 hour shutdown time, errors, not to mention the STILL same old tech build, virus vulnerability because of that old tech. Wonderful!

    Well they got one thing down……… the blue screens aren’t as frequent. Oh wait…. no they didn’t get that down….. you still have to reboot your computer anyway because everything locks up every 5 sec. Oh wait….. AT LEAST ITS PRETTY!!!

    Yes. This is how Windows 7 operates on my friend’s brand new 4GB ram PC. Yet a version of Linux, MacOS, or BSD could operate smoother on a old PC from 1998.

    It is VISTA!!! Just another Microsoft abomination to keep everyone quiet while they rake in the billions.

    And if you would like to argue….. then I will bring tons of people on here I know to tell you how p*ssed they are that they wasted there money on this new turdish version of Winblows.

    I’m a PC and Windows 7 is DLL hell.

    Hey… Microsoft? You do know Linux and UNIX OSes are the future right? Its ok…. I know you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, Bill… its ok.

    BTW: iPad = FAIL!!!!

  47. Tyler:

    Oh and don’t forget that now you can’t even get the task manager to come up to quit a freezing program or process. You have to hold down that pretty round shutdown button. And here’s an idea….. once it is off and your about to turn it on… before it boots…. put in a Linux CD and and hit “I’m not a idiot anymore and I understand how to pick and OS that will actually work… so install”

  48. You're all idiots:

    Why does everyone keep going on about it having a camera? It’d look stupid imagine it.. its like holding up a magazine to take a picture of someone.. you’d look a retard.

    I think this product will be mainly useful for people who do alot of Office work and are mobile. Not to mention all the gadget geeks.

    Its quite sad that everything is slated even before it is released. Just wait for it to go into the Apple Store and give it a play.

    I know right now that i’m going to buy one, regardless to anyone else’s opinions.

  49. fuckoff:

    Apple quality has gone downhill faster than Toyota’s. The imac’s are plagued with yellowing and flickering monitors and there’s no fix yet. Snow leoperd is a bug infested pile of manuer that never should of been released in it’s current state. The Mac pro’s struggle to decode simple audio and flash is just a mess on any Apple product. The lemmings will continue to nibble on Jobs cock, it makes them feel special. If you need a apple product to make you feel special chances are you’ve always been a loser and nothing is going to change that.

  50. fuckoff:

    Tyler stop being such a homo everybody knows Slow leoperd sucks balls. Windows 7 is a million times more stable than that POS. If it’s locking up on you it’s your own damn fault or your computer sucks or most likely both. You can’t change reality no matter how hard you pray to your lord and master Steve Blow Jobs, W7 > SL

  51. john:

    Wow, this is some highly intelligent conversation. It’s starting to sound like a god damn comments board from ESPN where every mindless inner city a-hole and redneck have an opinion but, with an IQ of 80, no brains to articulate a foundation for their opinion.

    Hey blorge.com, with this highly sophisticated reader base you’ve amassed, believe me, I won’t be back or subscribe to this pathetic excuse for a website.

  52. Dave Allan, Buffalo New York:

    Some intense comments in here. For iPad lovers and haters alike, everyone loves a good parody. Here’s a good one i recently came across. http://bit.ly/Ipadvideo1

  53. wbucket:

    I think this ipad is cool. It is almost like those future movies except that you can’t see through the whole thing. I think the whole idea is be focus on what this ipad is for and of course be different. And I strongly believe it is going to be faster than any HP laptop you can get at any price.

    Apple have never tried to follow others by putting in all those thing we had became used to, usb, cd-rom, webcam, etc. Apple continue to do things differently and continually pull fans to their side. Well, let’s see how the market will react when it is launched worldwide. ;)

  54. joe:

    pick your flavor and move on everyone. for the love of goddddd!! I use a mac, i have a pc. I enjoy the mac. I need the PC. If everyone here put half as much energy into defending or bashing A COMPANY, we could have a lot of much needed things done in this world. Who the heck cares! There are people dying, starving, and being blown up, and i see countless people here using their energy for nothing. Everyone, you do not need to do apple’s bidding when it comes to marketing. They have already completed that feat. Think of other things that could make the world a better place besides capitalism!!

  55. Dani:

    I think alot of people are completely missing the point of the ipad. It isn’t meant to be a laptop. And honestly, I’m not really interested in the opinions of the average American working a typical deskjob talking about how they hate Apple. Apple was never meant to be, and never has been, about every typical average Joe owning one. If you happen to be in a field where Macs are industry standard, such as video or graphic design, you would know why they are far superior to a PC. If not, who the hell cares? Go post about Windows7 or whatever the hell Microsoft is doing these days, because that’s all you really need to be using.

  56. Cayenne:

    Ok you will look like a retard if you hold an ipad to take photos of other people BUT if that camera points at you, you may happen to use it for video conferencing… I am amazed by Apple’s insistence on abusing its OWN technology for profiteering on the market. And I am sorry for all this. This scene of ignorant people kicking at each other’s faces for no reason at all… It makes me sick. Maybe we should all DIE before the ipad is released?

  57. Merlin:

    Yes, I agree with Joe. Move on… there are a lot more things in the world that need your help and your opinions. I am one of those dying of cancer. I would love an iPAD, so I no longer have to carry my MarBook Pro to my doctor’s office or a plane ride to treatment across the states. I would pay $500 just for email and internet just to get rid of some of the weight, as I am weak and tired. The iPAD is great for some things. I don’t want a notebook, since I have only MAC’s at home. Why purchase the extra software for something I am only taking on trips to the doctor’s office. The iPAD is something I have been waiting for for years. Go work on saving the world or curing cancer rather than putting down something that isn’t even on the market yet.

  58. Scotty:

    I would never leave the raw power of a windows computer but I hate that I get a virus jest by getting online and I’m a gamer so I can’t afford the slow down of a good antivirus I would love to get a upas jest to connect to the Internet and unplug the Internet from windows and put away viruses forever but would wate for homebrew

  59. Scotty:

    Oops upas is ipad spell check error

  60. shri:

    Guys go for Notion Ink’s ADAM… thets the way to go.. http://www.notionink.in/

    Its features
    Pixel Qi transflective display
    NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset
    180 degree Swivel Camera
    1080p Full HD video playback
    integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS/HSDPA
    •10 inch transflective LCD
    •180 degree Swivel Camera
    •Dual-Core ARM® CORTEX
    -A9 MPCORE™ Processor
    •Full High Definition Multimedia
    •Longer Battery Life
    •Dual Display
    •Ebook Client
    •3G and WiFi Connectivity
    •Multi-touch Support

  61. spark240:

    “I love my iPhone but I’m not about to spend 500 for an oversized version without a camera.”

    Not to mention, a version without a phone.

    “I think alot of people are completely missing the point of the ipad. It isn’t meant to be a laptop.”

    So what is it meant to be? Whether we view it as an upscaled pocket device or a downscaled computer, either way it seems to trade away more than it gains, and at a higher price than some alternatives on each side!

  62. James:

    I completely think the ipad is a very good product!

  63. James:

    @Erick: f*** off man i support apple! its better than toshiba. toshiba my efing A** it sucks this site sucks!!!!

  64. James:

    @all of you who hate the ipad and apple products: I bet you guys havent even tried the ipad so… don’t talk bad at it!! especially erick! but merlin and joe are correct!!! i need a pc but mac is better!

  65. Brenda Berry:

    What a narrow minded bunch of twits. If you don’t like the specs, don’t buy it. If you think its a nifty gadget, and you won’t short yourself on the rent by giving it a whirl, then knock yourself out. Why bash something you haven’t even laid eyes on yet? As for the dude telling people to get cancer and die. I don’t even want to be in the same state as him-karma for that has to be a (#$&#^@.

  66. IRON:

    The IPAD has features that the author of this poorly researched gossip third hand word of mouth pass it on and print it has written. The features are EXTRA’s. This allows user customization so the IPAD can become a device that a user can have options to purchase, instead of an all in one unit. This is because the IPAD is more than meets the eye. It is a Kindle Killer. No doubt about that. My Kindle will be retired and my reading will now be in COLOR. If you have children and are tired of spending a fortune on games, you can buy games from the Itunes store for as little as 2 dollars, as apposed to 80 bucks for a Playstation game, plus the playstation itself. If you are a business person, you can have a backup laptop or forgo that new laptop altogether and buy an IPAD. There is an option to buy a keyboard. Oh yes, there is also a connector kit that will connect the IPAD to your Hi Definition TV. Has the gaming thing clicked in yet? There are already 150 thousand applications available for it. There also is something called an IPAD connection kit which will allow you to import data using an SD memory card. It is obvious that the writer had writers block in this article because no research was done properly to slam a bunch of useless words with a twisted opinion who probably vomited out blind sighted sentences cut and pasted while wasted on who knows what.

  67. Adam:

    No cd drive is a bad thing? Apple was first to ditch the floppy disc drive so can I have a show of hands… Who misses their floppy disc drive? All cd/DVD media will be dead in 5 years.

  68. Jeff:

    I am not a very computer savy person but I would like something to take on a long trip: i.e on a plane to watch a movie during the flight. Would the ipad work for something like that?

  69. Ben:

    This whole forum is a bunch of PC using geeks who don’t have the slightest clue how the market works. No business sense…

    Listen to Jeff. “I am not a very computer savy person but I would like _____”. Most people who can honestly start a sentence like that can find half a dozen ways to fill in the blank with something the iPad is right for. Not just right for, but _perfect_ for, in a way that no other device has been before.

    I have one as of today, and can tell you it is a wholly new category of device. Stop whining about USB ports and HDMI connectors – this isn’t a computer! Stop complaining about how it doesn’t have a camera – this isn’t a cellphone!

    Instead, look at this as a reset. Let’s see what happens when someone with _imagination_ comes along and says “gee, if we could start today with all these capabilities, what would computing look like?”. The iPad is the perfect answer for 80% of what 80% of the market is doing all day.

    It doesn’t have any barrier between interface and intention (think mouse and keyboard). It doesn’t require you to think about the filesystem, saving documents, “hibernation”, where to find software, or how to uninstall things that you don’t enjoy.

    Essentially, this is a new category of device that a huge number of people will find useful and enjoyable, unlike their laptop computers. My grandmother just got one because she’s been waiting for a reader she could beef up fonts in which also supports color. My grandmother!!!

    Seriously, folks, if you get out of your “this is a very lame netbook” and “this is a really big iPhone” mindset and think “I wonder what this is, who could use one, and how they’d use it”, it will all become clear.

    In the meantime – STFU until you get one.

  70. JPC:

    Hey Veritas, YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

  71. yara:

    Its all biz guys. Apple always does the same thing. Bring something new to the market will a lot of faults and missing things and few month later they add more feature for more price.

    Few months from now they will be a new Ipad as Dave said it will have a web cam a USB or HDMI or you will be able to do multitask on it for more money. And guess what who is benefiting from that? Apple.

    You will buy one now and by one later its all biz.

    I love apple products but i also love keeping some cash in my pocket.


  72. Producer James:

    I am a tv/ media producer myself and the first generation iPad is not for those who produce content……it’s for the ones who consume it. I have a feeling the iPad will evolve just like the Macbook line did. In time, there will be different versions you can buy (other then hard drive capacity). In a year or two, you will see the iPad and iPad Pro. Apple needs to see what the market wants. Consumers want entertainment and a way to view it. Professionals want a way to create the produce on the device for the consumer. Since the consumer market is the bigger of the two markets it’s a better business decision for them to produce a product that will sell right away, then one that will appeals to smaller market. Apple has products that professional use now and will will refine the pro version with market research and professional group feedback. Give it time and let the product evolve.

  73. Excl:

    OK, pretty much read the whole damn thing.

    I think the iPad is designed for a typical computer user. I, mainly don’t use applications, the only things I really use are iTunes, Safari and possibly iWork (yes I own a Mac, big deal). The iPad does all of these things, and just presents it in a different manner. Yes it looks stupid, and yes it doesn’t have a USB port, but it does do what many people want, myself included.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be getting one, but I’m eager to read reviews.

  74. cgp:

    Yet another contrived fearful blog.
    Most of these postings have been typed
    up by one or a few staffers asked to do
    a hatchet job by competitors who are
    now crapping their pants big time.

  75. cgp:

    See an obvious hint is the use of
    newlines in posts. Ha Ha.

  76. toshibasucks:

    Why does Toshiba suck…someone tell me…how do I know they suck..because I bought one 4 months ago and its already broken..god dam it…and they told me they don’t know when it will be finished…fuck ….Shit..don’t buy toshiba..been a pc user until this Toshiba bullshit..its going on eBay and I will by a MAC. Fuck…

  77. david:

    if you were looking for a write up about the new apple ipad you have come to the right place at the right time (sometime around april 16, 2010) Dude WAIT!!!! not kidding I can tell what Apple is doing just by the hype. Whoever buys the original version is wasting their money. Apple is withholding a considerable amount of capability and is only waiting for those gadget nerds to come back again drooling for the newest version, which will only feature all the withheld capabilities for… MORE MONEY! Go ahead and buy it now, feed in to steve’s price discrimination. As far as I am concerned he is a no good capitalist and your all his peons. Nite! : )

  78. payton:

    well a hp is good but macs are better, and a ipad is good when u dont want to carry so much that u need for a computer like no wires and the only way u can do that somewhere else is bringing ur charger which if u ask me is the dumbest idea ever, yawl r all wrong ipad is the most technologic advanced thing open to everyone, the only reason yawl dont like is because ur looking at the bad things not the good things there is only 1 bad thing and that is not supporting flash, thats it, but if u were all smart it kinda does, hello youtube duhh, and if u buy a app thats flash too duh, look harder before u conclude

  79. Derek:

    The hate that is shown between the hard core ipad believers and the ipad atheists is terrifying.
    Will it start a religious war?
    Commandment. Thou shall not take the ipad’s name in vain.
    Love they ipad as they self.
    Thou shall not worship any false idols.
    Blessed are the rich and powerful for they will sell many ipads to the poor who need them not.

  80. yim:

    lol this is fantastic….”blood sweat and tears”.
    How deluded. With the risk of sounding disrespectful….how old are you anyway? I find this comment very, very sad -enough said.
    The “truth” is that Apple are a large corporation, and just like all the rest, they are a bunch of *beep*.
    True story.

    My motto….I enjoy freedom. Thats why I don`t buy Apple.

  81. Skrewface:

    Its a amazing how apple has fan boys lol, the “Mac” is stable because it doesn’t allow techies to tinker with certain things, for iphone development you have to run a simulator or pay 100 bucks for your device to register to you for testing, the “user” seem to think that it doesn’t get viruses and runs faster, lol, the “MAC” is a computer running software!!! yes thats what Leopard and Snow Leopard is Software. It’s still an Intel based device. I use both platforms for work, run mostly windows in a virtual machine on Snow Leopard, but I smile at people when the speak of fast, virus and better OS. I’m way off topic, The Ipad is retarded for techies and a dream come through for the typical user, email, web browsing and reading. I think that’s its purpose to be simple not for the tech heads, my mother loves it because its simple and you don’t have to tinker with settings to make it work, of course it doesn’t do flash but the typical user is aware of that.

  82. Adil:

    some people dont get it…like you..no offence…apple does this deliberatly..no usb, camera, flash, high prices, etc…..
    They do this for one reason, They will release the ipad again sometime next year or the year after with all these options…this is how they make money….For example iphone 600 dollars then it dropped half the price a year later then the 3g released…..everybody was happy about the options and the half price a year later 3gs….now 4g witch has already been leaked…youtube it….this is how the BASTER&S make money……..APPLE all the way thoo

  83. Errol:

    I bought a Macbook two years ago and used it for a year, but eventually I went back to using Windows (Windows 7). The windows platform has a much larger selection of software to choose from and I find it better to use. My Mackbook is in the cupboard where it belongs gathering dust.

  84. Muncho:

    IPad -simply a joke for 500$
    -better bay to laptops(any brand)

  85. taimur:

    Yes, iPAD is different. It does not have camera & why should one need one on a computer. It is virus free, pop-ups free, very fast, so light, crystal clear resolution, don’t need a carry bag, & yes it may be considered a bigger ver. of iPhone but what is wrong with that? Readability on iPhone is difficult but on iPad is excellent specially with a finger pinching motion you get what ever you need. Is intutive & anticipate user’s intentions & launches the required next step.
    It is not meant for certain types of users & for them it is not a good choice. Me? I love it with all those overhyped shortcomings.

  86. Blax:

    Steve Jobs is a moron and everything apple makes is junk.

  87. Richard:

    I am reading this on my new iPad and laughing so hard.

  88. Richard sucks Ruchards:

    Your name is Richard for a reason. Richard. Oh the iPad is for nerdy wannabees who have nothing better to do than look at porn on their ipads.

  89. Richard:

    Oh what a great idea…. So your to poor to buy one .. That’s ok

  90. Dellar:

    Where’s the floppy drive? I can’t believe it doesn’t have a CD-ROM or a floppy drive for my 3 1/2 inch floppy discs. Sooo disappointing. I’ll have to get an external floppy disc drive – — oh wait… it doesnt have USB!! Ha. What a joke! I’m a real PC windows lover boy, and let me tell you USB beats wireless and firewire or whatever apple fanboys have. We use what works – USB, Floppy discs and Windows!

  91. Susan:

    Hey Veritas…..the only retard is YOU!!! Who wishes for anyone to get cancer and die??? You _ S S!!!

  92. Moris:

    Ipad use, now i just find that i can t. Play continuous video. Only one by one. Crazy…

  93. Joe:

    As a matter of fact I’m typing this message on a 3G iPad! It dose lack some common functions, but it’s to be expected on a first gen product from apple. If you like apple you like apple, and as far as hardware is concerned tear an iPad apart or any one of their products and see if there’s any generic parts being used. This is the difference, the ability to function proficiently with the software and not time out. You get what you pay for people! I love this thing though!

  94. Naaman:

    Dellar you are a joke. Apple iMac was the first computer to have USB and who the hell uses floppy disks? Who the hell uses cd rom? Oh man u pc bunch crack me up with your sticks and stones technology. You use what works? Windows? “windows” & “works” shouldn’t be in the same sentence and you Dellar of all people should know that. Sheeez.

  95. sam:

    Why are you people so focused on it not having a camera, I can see the camera on the front, but on the back,if it must have a camera, buy a cheap camera and an ipad…

  96. Carlos:

    you ipad people are a joke. paying for more and getting for less…aint that stupic. what’s more stupid is that you knew what your getting, still you go ahead and bought it. thats like the ultimate stupidity. the touch screen you love and brag so much, mac is not the first who made them. contemplate on that bitc&^%$s! the ipad is just a piece of cardboard with a LCD attached to it!

  97. Steve:

    Wow! Some of you are just missing the point. No spyware, no malware, I can “boot up” in seconds and check my mail, the battery lasts longer, the sound and picture are superior, taking it on a plane or to the beach is a breeze. Don’t get me wrong, I have a laptop and use it daily, but the iPad is my grab-it-and-go device. And (to me) that is worth something.

  98. Aztian:

    I hate pc fanboys I hate pc’s the are made of crappy pastic and just gay to look at they really are

    Soon the iPad have multitasking as the same as ios4

    U get what you pay for and I pay for software and a item that looks good I am 35 years old and I don’t want a computer with blue lights and all kinda age 14 year computer apple working for me and the software are just great and do al the things I want when I use a computer

    I been using pc from the age of 7-8 years old and had them all and 4 years ago I get a Mac and I never look back
    So u can keep u crappy windows and sit hours and hours working with htlm when u need to make a wepsite

    I so love iWork and all what. Comes with apple it have made my life bette and that’s what’s it all about if you pc fanboys hate apple so much don’t buy them and play with you pc’s only reason u hate it so much really is that u want something Iphone iPad or Mac or a apple thing , I have a blast with my iMac iPhone iPad
    I play games no lag I can have my iPad around me to type on like I do now and it’s so much better in. A notebook and I can take my photos and Jack it in my iPad and do stuff with it and send it away .

    So cool never done that with a pc phone or anything els crappy pc stuff
    Yes u hate us for benign happy toad for u
    We don’t care and I am not going to use pcs again and if I wanna play a pc game guess what boot camp it buuhuuuu
    Again u get owned

    Pc lover boy

  99. Hemorrhoid:


    I don’t hate apple. I own an iPod myself. However your statement just seems so naive.

    Can you stop portraying the PC as obsolete? Because it isn’t. PC’s are only complicated for those who are not educated. The majority of the technology market is operating with Windows. Not Apple, Last time I remember only 13% of computer users use MAC as their OS.

    If you found Apple products to be more convenient and efficient for your purposes. That’s fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. However the majority of us believe that the price that Apple is selling their products is ridiculous compared specifications they offer. You can easily just buy a netbook for the same price that does more than what the iPad could ever do.

    Then again, you are buying Apple as a fashion statement right? Since most of the software that Apple produces is compatible with Windows. Apple has probably one of the best marketing teams in the world. They target specific audiences and they exceed in that. People who want to be tech savvy are oblivious to what the market has to offer. They are so engulfed by the idealism that is Apple. In fact what Apple is good at doing is not outselling Microsoft, but marketing their brand. Enticing consumers with their sleek and modest designs. But for what? A more user friendly interface? Which is basically what you are stating “So u can keep u crappy windows and sit hours and hours working with htlm when u need to make a wepsite”. Which basically proves my point, making websites does require at least basic knowledge of HTML or CSS or what ever you are using to script your website with. If you want to create a website that is intended to be professional.

    Also “A notebook and I can take my photos and Jack it in my iPad and do stuff with it and send it away .” Well you can already do that with a PC, it is called Copy and Paste. But Apple was really innovative and created a button called synchronize.

    Do not try and predict that all PC users are missing out on this new invention created by Apple. That is because we are not. The iPad might be convenient for those odd people out there. However it isn’t for the majority, like myself.

    Fanboys like you are just amplifying this situation. There is a reason why Apple sells misleading products that don’t live up to expectation first and then release something that is decent 6 to 12 months later. It is because of you fanboys continually buy these ultimately degraded products for outlandish prices, that is fueling the greed of Steve Jobs.

    As a reminder, Apple products are MADE IN CHINA and are made in sweat shops. If you hadn’t of realized.

  100. Christian:

    Hi everyone I think that people who think or feel that using apple means future or because they use Mac they are simply geniuses and the rest of as are retarded or stupid this people have serious mental problems. Just a fact, over 87% of people in earth uses windows. The iPad from my point of view is a tool oriented to people who need basic web surfing, music, mail and some fun. Nothing more nothing less. I agree with the fact that a camera and a USB port would make a big difference in the iPad.

  101. stuart Hodder:

    ipads are for queers zunes play music good nickleback is awesome

  102. jack:

    I am agree with u ipad is better choice.

  103. What the beep!?:

    What beeping beep are you beeping talking about. iPad is a beeping beep beep-beep beep beep! I mean suck my beep! Just go to your mama’s house and simply beep ur mums beep! Kiss my beep! iPad suck beep. Book is more awesome man. books are beeping good. just look at it. its so beeping hot. and now look at iPad. Its like beep in the toilet. it is as ugly as ur mum’s face. It is even worse than my smelly beep!

  104. Fanboyz suck:

    Wow… they’re f****** companies! Who cares? Just as pathetic as the PS3 vs. Xbox debate. Choose the one you want and that’s best for you – why do you have to enforce one as better on the rest of us?

    I’m not stupid enough to buy an iPad at this point. Future editions will be cheaper and do so much more. For all those that do love it now, you guys are quite the consumers – Apple must love you.

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  109. HipsterTard:

    Sorry Veritas, Jobs got cancer and died instead.

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  115. O'shane:

    Heey!! Great article, I have always thought that the iPad was a total waste of money. And I am an Apple fan. But I love laptops better.

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