Apple buys iPad trademark from Fujitsu

March 27, 2010

Apple now owns the iPad name after buying the trademark from Fujitsu. Which is a good job really or all those people who have pre-ordered one of the tablet devices would have found themselves receiving an iPad with its name scratched off on April 3.

Just a couple of days after Apple unveiled its new tablet device as the iPad, it emerged that the name had already been trademarked by Fujitsu. The Japanese company had used the name for its own touchsceen, handheld device used to help stores manage inventories. It was assumed that a huge legal battle would ensue, with the two tech giants fighting for control of the iPad name.

But no. Instead, according to Patent Authority, the trademark was assigned to Apple on March 17 after formerly belonging to Fujitsu Transaction Solutions.

I’m guessing a huge pile of cash helped the transition of ownership. But the fact that Apple has had to do this for both the iPad and the iPhone makes you wonder why they don’t ensure they’re not treading on anyone else’s toes before they decide on a name. Especially as Apple doesn’t automatically own the rights to any product name with an ‘i’ in it.

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