Top 5 April Fool’s Day jokes 2010

April 1, 2010

It’s April 1, or April Fool’s Day if you subscribe to that particular prank-filled, entirely optional celebration of jokes and jibes. And as usual, the Web has been home to a plethora of jokes and fake press releases. Of which, there are some particularly well-conceived ones.

This is my Top 5 April Fool’s Day 2010 jokes from around the Internet. You may not agree with my choices; thinking some are lame and having favorites of your own. But these are the five that brightened up my day.

YouTube Text Mode

With so many videos being uploaded to the Google-owned site every day, bandwidth costs are impacting on YouTube’s bottom line. The solution? Textp, a text-only mode for YouTube videos.

Videos are reduced to their basic elements, reducing bandwidth costs and promoting literacy at the same time. As can be seen in this video.

CrunchPad Kit

The recently-released JooJoo started life as the CrunchPad before Fusion Garage decided it no longer needed TechCrunch. But it doesn’t matter, as Michael Arrington and co. have now announced the CrunchPad Kit, which can turn any laptop screen into an iPad-like tablet device for just $49.

There’s even a video of Arrington demonstrating how the CrunchPad Kit works. And it’s always nice to see someone laughing at their own misfortune.

Google Animal Translator

With Doctor Dolittle unfortunately being a fictional character, communicating with animals in any real sense remains a pipe dream. But Google wants to help, and is now offering Google Translate for Animals to solve this particular problem.

Google Translate for Animals comes as an Android app, and works for all animals you can think of. Well, it would, being made-up and all.

Kodak Aromatography

Photographs can stimulate the visual senses, but what about the nasal senses? Surely smells can be just as good at conveying a sense of time and place?

That is at least the thinking behind Kodak’s Aromatography which basically adds smell-o-vision to pictures thanks to “recent breakthroughs in Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging.”

Unfortunately, pictures of wet dogs and baby’s bottoms can be treated as easily as pictures of flowers and chocolate.

Broadband Ferrets

Ferrets may not be everyone’s favorite animals, but according to The Guardian newspaper, they are helping to bridge the digital divide by laying cables for Virgin Media’s broadband service.

They even wear mini workman’s jackets, just so you can tell these useful ferrets from the others, I guess.

If that hasn’t sated your want for pranks, TechCrunch has the definitive list of all the April Fool’s Day 2010 jokes spotted around the Web.

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3 Responses to “Top 5 April Fool’s Day jokes 2010”

  1. Frank Paolino:

    Here’s a good April Fools joke:

    The Worldwide End of Spam Occurred Today

    In an unexpected turn of events, no one received any spam today. We checked with hundreds of people worldwide, and the reports were identical: “No Spam”.

    Many users are asking their IT managers “where is my spam”?

  2. Tim Pilgram:

    I LOVE APRIL FOOLS lol and for reasons like all the pranks played around the net on google, wikipedia, funnyordie, collegehumor, youtube.. you name it and they have all played a prank on their readers and viewers today!!

    if you missed them… check out this link that has a summary and pictures/videos of them all @

  3. Rimmer:

    I love that techcrunch call the crunchpad kit technology FUJJ (joojoo anyone?)

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