Google’s Eric Schmidt disses bloggers

April 12, 2010

Google CEO Eric Schmidt either doesn’t like bloggers or is desperate to suck up to the print media crowd. Neither of which show the man in a particularly good light.

According to Gawker, Schmidt was addressing the American Society of News Editors when he crowed:

There is an art to what you do. And if you’re ever confused as to the value of newspaper editors, look at the blog world. That’s all you need to see.

Nice. Especially coming from a man who runs the company which, in Blogger, provides one of the biggest platforms for bloggers across the world. And which pays out millions of dollars to those bloggers running AdSense on their sites. And which have been generally very supportive of Google and its services. And lest we forget the people who write the gamut of company blogs for Google. Who, unless I’m very much mistaken, are bloggers.

I understand that Google needs to start sucking up to print media in a big way but to do so by dissing bloggers? That wasn’t a very smart move, Eric.

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6 Responses to “Google’s Eric Schmidt disses bloggers”

  1. Chappas:

    he doesn’t actually ‘diss’ bloggers directly though does he, just the implication is there.
    Tbh i think his point is that while there are many quality blogs and bloggers out there, there isn’t the same level of quality control as there is in the world of printed media.
    Btw as a side note, is there a way to set up email subscriptions on this site, because i’ll never return to this thread so i never know if people have commented back or not. Mainly because i primarily browse on my phone (like now) and it gets tiresome loading up each story just to check to see if there are any replies.

  2. Chappas:

    (i’ll check back on this one just to see if there’s a way :) just so your reply won’t be falling on blind eyes)

  3. Helen:

    I think he got a perfectly valid point there, god forbid we’re reduced to bloggers to get news and stuff. TechBlorge is sounding “fanboy” here, which is sad, so saaad. Stop catering to “crowd approval”, Dave, it sounds contrived.

  4. Matthew Gerring:

    Say what you will about print media and the blogosphere, but Schmidt is right in this case. Editorial standards at newspapers are much, much higher than on blogs.

    This isn’t a “diss”, it’s a statement of glaringly obvious fact.

  5. Catmoves:

    Oh my.
    “Editorial standards” are higher on printed papers? My local paper thinks running a story about a woman’s problems with shopping is front page, above the fold news.
    And then there’s this paper: New York Daiuly News.
    ‘Nuff said.

  6. Anton S.:

    It’s not about hardcopy printed news vs. electronic news. It’s about competence and a minimum commitment to providing truth with the facts. I now admire Google CEO Eric Schmidt, which I didn’t before and I think there’s lotsa of people out there that think likewise, just don’t bother to say it or are afraid of noisy trolls, defending the “freedom” to lie, distort and make up stories passig as news, as if it was a “god-given” right.

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