Twitter to announce Promoted Tweets ad system

April 13, 2010

Twitter to announce Promoted Tweets ad systemAfter years of speculation over how Twitter would ever make money, the answer is finally coming our way officially on Tuesday, and it couldn’t be more unexciting if they tried.

While there has been speculation since the day Twitter launched of how it would ever make money, and the company’s valuation continued to rise and rise, it seems the answer is about as basic as you can get: advertising.

According to The New York Times, the new systems is called Promoted Tweets, and at first the ads will only show up when you search for something on the service.  “The idea behind Promoted Tweets is that we want to enhance the communications that companies are already having with customers on Twitter,” said Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief operating officer, to the newspaper.  What isn’t ruled out, nor confirmed as of yet, is the possibility that the Promoted Tweets will eventually find their way into individual user’s timeline streams.

The way the Promoted Tweets will differentiate themselves from normal Tweets is that when someone searches on a keyword an advertiser has paid for, their Tweet will show up at the top of the timeline no matter when it was published, and it will say in small print that they are promoted by the company and turn yellow when a user rolls their mouse over it.  This will stop messages from being lost in conversations about popular brands, and make sure that the users see them.

How these will work with third-party applications, the more popular way of accessing the service is unknown at this time.

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