Hulu paid service not coming as soon as was expected

May 18, 2010

Hulu paid service not coming as soon as was expectedDespite rumors that we would see a paid version of Hulu coming as soon as May 24, it now appears it may be quite a long ways off.

It was reported late last month that we could see a paid version of Hulu launching next Monday, May 24.  The idea was that you could still watch the last five episodes of any series on the site for free, but if you wanted to go back deeper into the catalog you would need to pay $9.95 a month.

According to Peter Kafka at Media Memo, this idea is currently being indefinitely delayed.  Speaking with sources inside the company, there has been no real reason given, but it is not launching next Monday is all that is known.  The source said that once it did launch it would be “revolutionary”, but no further elaboration of what that means was given.

It seems that a paid version of the site is inevitable, it is merely a question of “when?” at this point.

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One Response to “Hulu paid service not coming as soon as was expected”

  1. KevinV:

    I’m not paying $10/month unless they seriously increase their library….which means making new deals with TV networks (including cable networks) in order to provide more content!!!

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