Conservative group caught gaming Digg

August 6, 2010

A conservative group calling itself Digg Patriots has been caught gaming Digg in a big way. What a bunch of dirty teabaggers.

Gaming Digg and its algorithms for delivering the correct news and content to the top of the pile is wrong whatever the underlying reason for doing it may be. But doing it in order to push a particular political agenda? That’s just about as bad as it gets, because it goes against the very idea of the site, of democracy, and of free speech.

Digg works by people digging or burying, voting up or down, stories submitted by Web users. If a story gets lots of diggs it moves up and eventually on to the front page of the site. Lots of buries and it moves down and is eventually removed from the site never to see the light of day. A front page hit on Digg can generate lots of traffic for a website, which means lots of people viewing the content.

This means many people have gamed or attempted to game the site for their own ends, usually driving traffic to their website to make more revenue. But the same thing can also be done for political reasons, as shown by an extensive and well-written post over at AlterNet.

The group allegedly responsible for this effort is Digg Patriots, who are thought to have organized via Yahoo and used multiple accounts to avoid rousing suspicion. And what content did the group attempt to bury? Anything which basically didn’t agree with their right-wing ideology.

They hate Obama. They hate progressives. They hate the UN, diplomacy, and peace/disarmament efforts. They hate reforms of health care, Wall St., and immigration. They hate science, in fact many are creationists, and some even blog about it. They hate the secular nature of our nation. They hate environmental protection, requiring polluters to be responsible for their own cleanup, and especially hate climate efforts. They hate unions and any attempt to level the playing field to give all Americans economic opportunities. They hate the government, except the military-industrial complex. They hate abortion rights. They hate public schools and really hate higher education. They hate anyone in the media except far right personalities like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin. They hate anyone who doesn’t think Obama is a secret islamist and/or marxist who was born in Kenya. They just love to hate.

I would assume Digg will now take action against the alleged members of this group. No doubt they’ll pop up again in the future using different aliases to wreak havoc once again, but it should take them some time to regroup.

Digg told ReadWriteWeb that the new Digg should stamp out this issue anyway, as the bury feature is being removed. That won’t, however, stop pro-conservative news stories being dugg and dugg and dugg.

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6 Responses to “Conservative group caught gaming Digg”

  1. Jeff:

    dirty teabaggers ? … project much ?

  2. Jeff:

    wow … catch up with the times …

    this has been going on since 2007 …

  3. mbs:

    Um, did you complain when liberals were marking every article from a conservative website as spam? One word, Diggbats.

  4. democratsarefascists:

    Exactly, mbs.

    They’re total hypocrites.

    Besides, who the hell still uses Digg, except hippies? What a colossal waste of time.

  5. aquaadverse:

    It could also be a ploy of the far left to besmirch.
    It’s the Chicago way. Expect an avalanche of such bizarre 2D cardboard evil boogeymen to steer you in the proper direction with your torches and pitchforks.

    It was smart of them to hold back the crowd favorite Lunar landing was faked and fluoride added to drinking water in the ’50′s to make mind control of the rabble easier labels for the October push.

    The odds are the Democrats will lose control of both Houses of Congress in November. Obama is currently flying all over the country attending fund raisers but curiously not being asked to campaign for members of his Party facing November elections. And at each speech you get a good dose of this:

    If you actually believe the rant you quoted, congratulations. You’ve done exactly what they wanted. The Yahoo group no longer exists.

    Did you actually read that quote and not notice the repetition of the phrase “They hate” with that last kicker “They love to hate”? Not exactly subliminal. And, even if the situation is as reported, it seems a bit unfair that less than 100 people gets the broad brush treatment of being splashed on millions. The inclusion of the Tea Party was an especially nice touch.

    And they say journalism is dead.

  6. Johnny:

    I was about to say it, but noticed it’s already been written down.

    There was an ongoing effort like this on one of the demo sites – I think it was democratic underground – years ago. Lots of people patting themselves on the back for burying posts on anything the right wingers had to say. Wasn’t much of a secret that it was going on.

    This article seems a bit biased against one side in this whole subject. Perhaps an edit or two is in order here.

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