Facebook coming to OnStar vehicle service

September 9, 2010

Facebook coming to OnStar vehicle service Social media sites such as Facebook have expanded beyond the home computer to various devices. The service will soon be available via OnStar, which is mainly used for road side assistance.

Car manufacturers have started to focus on bringing social media aspects to your vehicle. Ford has been touting its new Sync music and information service, which provides digital content to your vehicle at the touch of a button.

According to Digital Trends, General Motors will also be adding new features to its OnStar service. Traditionally, OnStar has been used to get a representative on the line to call for help during an accident while also providing roadside assistance.

It appears that the OnStar service will receive a major overhaul to provide more social apps. Apparently, GM will be using a voice-to-text system to playback messages left on your Facebook account. You will also be able to update your status through this voice system.

The OnStar plan ranges from $99 to $299 per year, with the first year free on certain models.

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One Response to “Facebook coming to OnStar vehicle service”

  1. Scott Monty:

    FYI, we’ve had SYNC in our vehicles since late 2007.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

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