Bing to dig its fingers into Facebook user data

September 16, 2010

Bing to dig its fingers into Facebook user data According to rumors, Microsoft and Facebook are in talks to strengthen Bing search capabilities. Apparently Facebook will provide Microsoft with user data that will improve Bing search results.

According to All Things Digital [via Ars Technica], a source close to the deal has revealed that Facebook will be providing Microsoft with user data such as the results from the “Like Buttons.” The “Like Buttons” in Facebook typically capture data about sites that a user may like.

Microsoft would be able to use this data to custom tailor user searches on Bing to display results that pertain to past “Like” sites. This deal could give Microsoft’s Bing a much needed boost to compete with Google.

However, concerns over privacy are still one big hurdle both Facebook and Microsoft will need to overcome. Even though the data may be public on the user’s Facebook page, many are concerned by the systematic correlation of personal data. As it is, Facebook has been targeted by many privacy advocacy groups recently.

It will be interesting to see the details of the deal once it becomes official.

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