The Facebook phone, a rumor that won’t die

September 24, 2010

Rumors of a Facebook-backed smartphone in development started big-time a number of  days ago and have stubbornly refused to die. It seems that everyone is in on the speculation. What’s up with all this?

Mark Zuckerberg, the captain of the Facebook ship, is now not only richer than Steve Jobs, he apparently wants to go into competition against Jobs’ iPhone, if the rumors are to be believed. Of course, the bulk of the rumors are clear that the Facebook phone would really be an INQ phone, since Facebook is not exactly what you would call an experienced designer and manufacturer of smartphones. So perhaps “Facebook phone” is a bit of a misnomer.

Anyway, what would a “Facebook phone” really be? Well, first, the Facebook phone is not a new idea, and the first generation of the phone was also built by INQ, who also assembles a phone for Skype. Then again, so do a lot of people, since a Skype phone is a phone that can use Skype, which is pretty much all of them. That is also true of the concept of the Facebook phone: a smartphone for which a Facebook app exists could properly be dubbed a Facebook phone, since that is all that an INQ-built “Facebook phone” would be anyway. Still, the buying public seems to be entranced with the idea of the phrase “Facebook phone” so rumors persist.

The rumors have the phone almost ready to go, complete with a detailed set of specs and a worldwide distribution network, at least according to a Gigaom posting, Like some people would love to have a Hello Kitty phone or a Batman phone, there are undoubtedly buyers waiting with bated breath for a phone that says Facebook on it. Most people, though will probably stick with the iPhone or Android phone they already have, which runs a Facebook app, and interfaces quite nicely with Facebook, thank you very much.

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