Microsoft to spend half a billion on Windows Phone 7 marketing

October 21, 2010

Microsoft to spend half a billion on Windows Phone 7 marketing Microsoft plans on recovering from its recent mobile disaster with the KIN by focusing on its next entry: Windows Phone 7. This phone may have the biggest marketing push in the company’s history.

According to Media Memo, Microsoft is planning on spending a billion dollars on marketing alone to push two of its products – Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinect. The company has been struggling in the mobile handset market with fierce competition from Google and Apple. Microsoft’s recent failure with the KIN, called the biggest mobile flop of all time, isn’t helping matters.

Both Apple and Google have taken the lion’s share of the smartphone market, leaving Microsoft struggling to stay relevant. The company is definitely gambling big on Windows Phone 7, although some have criticized the device for lacking enterprise mobility. Microsoft has admitted that Windows Phone 7 is targeted towards the everyday user, deviating away from the business class.

This shift in target audience is most likely Microsoft’s attempt to appeal to the casual market to show that the device is ‘cool’ and ‘hip.’ Only time will tell if Microsoft can steal some of Apple’s customers with Windows Phone 7’s slick looks.

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