Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 first day sales disappointing

November 12, 2010

 Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 first day sales disappointingMicrosoft has been pumping a great deal of money into its sinking mobile division with lackluster results. The company’s latest foray into the mobile arena with Windows Phone 7 seems to be a bust.

Windows Phone 7 has been receiving generally positive reviews from various media outlets. However, it seems like Microsoft’s phone curse that brought the axe down on the Kin may have moved onto Windows Phone 7.

According to TheStreet, Microsoft only managed to move a measly 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices during its launch on Monday. This is despite Microsoft’s large $100 million marketing campaign.

The sales figure doesn’t include the 89,000 free phones Microsoft has promised its employees. In contrast Google has been moving 200k Android devices per day while Apple has been selling 270k per day.

Things are looking bleak for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as 40,000 during launch is pretty low considering the $100 million marketing campaign.

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8 Responses to “Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 first day sales disappointing”

  1. leigh:

    Hmmm… old story.

    The truth is, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

    You need to understand this is a NEW platform, not the old one, and it thusfar has no reputation on which to gain sales.

    Overall, worldwide sales have been good.

    Supplies are limited right now, so when supplies are good, we need to look again.

    I believe that Windows Phone 7 will be a success in the long run. Microsoft is gaining more apps everyday, and the customers will follow. That’s because it is a great platform that is easy to develop for, unlike others.


  2. Mel:

    Sales or not, I want one.

    I went into the ATT store across the street and went over the product with the sales person. He was an Iphone user now with an HTC surround ( windows 7 ) and he and I agreed that Microsoft is sitting on a sleeper.

    Im on verizon at the moment, and if they do not embrace this product category, its possible I may become and ATT customer.

    Watch and see, Microsoft has hit a grand slam on this one pulling together all of its services into one very streamlined OS.

  3. Freedomlover:

    Hmmm…as a Windows user, looking at this in an objective, non-apologist point of view, this is kinda disappointing.

    Not having used the phone, I cannot personally say if it is good or bad. It may indeed be the bestest most perfect phone to ever exist in all of history.

    Of course its a marathon and MS is in it for the long haul. But giving the money they threw, I would expect much higher day one sales, as the first day sales generally tend to be higher given the hype of new products.

    I don’t buy the “supply issue” excuse. If a company spends $500 million hyping a product, they bloody well better be ramping up the supply before releasing. To say they only had 40,000 phones on release day is extremely poor planning on their part, so poor its beneath a company of Microsoft’s stature for this to be an adequate explanation for the low sales.

  4. mr long:

    I bought an HD7 on day 1. just wait until people start seeing what any how this platform runs. Its as good as any other smartphone out there and they have yet to release the first push upgrade. Don’t be so fast to dismiss this new version of Windows Phone. Go to a store and play with one. You’ll want one.

  5. Jim:

    This review is incredibly unfair.

    1. The launch was on a Monday, where the big sales happen on the weekend.
    2. The marketing dollars haven’t been spent yet. You notice the commercials have only just started.

    Before calling the launch a failure, wouldn’t it be a good idea to wait until the marketing actually kicks in gear? Heck, I got my phone on day 1, but the TMobile stores didn’t even have the device out on the shelf yet.

  6. sit2k:

    iphone took 74 days to sell 1 million and android took 6 months to sell one million. microsoft is on a faster pace than both on their first version of this product and it took less than a year to code it. also microsoft has more apps than anyone else on launch day, over 1000 and now 2000 in less than a week.

    i would say this launch is extremely successful til now

  7. ckp:

    Here’s a thought instead of becoming another lemming, why don’t YOU go and try the phone BEFORE I’ve had an iPhone for 2-years. I hated AT&T’s network, dropped on average 3-4 times/day. THREE TO FOUR TIMES A DAY! But I loved the apps on the iPhone. My contract was up, I have an opportunity to try another phone for 30-days before committing to another 2-year contract. I purchased a Windows 7 Phone – the Samsung Focus. I soon realized after my purchase of a Windows 7 Phone that it WASN’T AT&T’s network that was dropping me, it was that #$%@&! iPhone! I’ve not been dropped on my Windows 7 Phone since my purchase over a week ago!

    I guess I forgot how nice it was to actually end a call on my terms.

    I’m loving my Windows 7 Phone! Sure I’m missing a few of the apps I used on my old iPhone, but I’m guessing that Microsoft will quickly ramp up in the apps department.

  8. cider:

    @sit2k: “iphone took 74 days to sell 1 million and android took 6 months to sell one million. microsoft is on a faster pace than both on their first version of this product and it took less than a year to code it.”

    It took MS less than a year to code their copycat touchscreen phone? What a joke. All they did was copying the iPhone coding. How hard is that. It should just take them a month to do.

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