Kevin Rose reportedly resigns from Digg, prepares to launch new $1 million startup

March 18, 2011

According to reports site founder Kevin Rose has resigned from Digg in order to launch a new startup. Is this the end for Digg as well?

According to TechCrunch, which cites multiple sources (all unnamed), Digg founder Kevin Rose has resigned from the company which he launched in 2004. Further to that, it appears Rose has a new startup ready to launch, one which he’s currently closing first round funding of $1 million on.

This comes just a matter of hours after TechCrunch noted that even Kevin Rose doesn’t use Digg any more, with his use of the site having dropped off massively over the last few months. Rose answered the criticism by tweeting, “@arrington @techcrunch I think you forgot we shoot a weekly podcast about digg stories..”

Unsurprisingly this story has made the Digg front page, and staff have commented on it. One said, “Not to sound dramatic but this news means pretty much nothing to people working on the site. Nothing is changing, we are working on bringing you guys more cool stuff.” Which implies that Rose resigning isn’t going to make a scrap of difference to the site, implying he hasn’t been hands on for months anyway.

That seems to have been confirmed by Digg CEO Matt Williams, who commented:

When I took over as CEO of Digg six months ago, Kevin’s role changed to that of Founder and Board member and nothing has changed since then. Thanks for all the positive comments we’ve been seeing, we’re excited about our direction as well.

So while it does appear Rose is leaving Digg for pastures new, the site is continuing on, and the current team are convinced things are heading in the right direction. Rose, meanwhile, seems not to have wanted to remain at the company he’d already taken a step back from, having moved from being CEO to Board Member last year after the redesign ruckus.

If I’m honest I haven’t heard anything about Digg for months, and even then it was negative. Since the relaunch in the middle of 2010 the site has floundered badly. People who want a similar service to how Digg used to be now use Reddit, while the rest of us just use Facebook and Twitter to share links with each other. In other words it’s hard to fathom where Digg now belongs. Or if it even does at all.

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One Response to “Kevin Rose reportedly resigns from Digg, prepares to launch new $1 million startup”

  1. gm:

    Good luck to Kevin, but it’s hard to replicate luck, though, he may be lucky a second time.

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