Facebook: ‘Like’ is a baby name, ‘Dislike’ is a spam scam

May 17, 2011

In terms of Facebook, Like is now a legitimate name for a baby, at least according to one couple. While ‘Dislike’ is being used by spammers attempting to scam the vulnerable. What has the world come to?

According to Mashable, quoting Israeli news source Galgalatz, the parents of a new baby girl have proudly named her ‘Like’ after the Facebook button which first appeared just over a year ago. The couple weren’t seeking publicity and don’t work for Facebook, but instead were after something “modern and innovative.”

Come on, make the strange name the middle name and let the kid in question have at least a partly normal upbringing. Baby ‘Like’ and toddler ‘Like’ may sound cute but I hate to think of the amount of ribbing pre-pubescent ‘Like’ and teenage ‘Like’ is going to have to endure. Still, at least ‘Like’ is more universal than ‘Facebook’ itself, which is what an Egyptian couple named their baby back in February.

Meanwhile, those gullible enough to click on something without being pretty sure it’s genuine have been spreading a new Facebook scam. A message purporting to offer you the chance to add the ‘Dislike’ button to your Facebook actually runs a nasty piece of Javascript on your computer. It also sends the message on to others.

I can’t be too critical of people clicking away at these things because I’ve done it in the past, as have most people. Still, the fact remains that there is no ‘Dislike’ button and Facebook would soon tell us if there was going to be. So until you hear otherwise just keep your ‘Dislike’ to yourself.

The Facebook ‘Like’ button is a strange beast anyway. What the hell is it there for? Are we all too lazy to actually type a comment these days, so instead we choose to click on something which makes us look like toadying lickspittles? Having said all that, I use it a lot. Ah. And I’d probably use a ‘Dislike’ button just as much. Which is what you get for spending far too much time wasting away online.

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One Response to “Facebook: ‘Like’ is a baby name, ‘Dislike’ is a spam scam”

  1. Frances Kidd:

    Whats the primary difference between the baby sling, and a baby carrier wrap then? A couple of parents I know use the baby slings, I assume the wrap is simply the non-connected version?

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