Computer password hall of shame

December 5, 2011

The big black hole of personal computer security can usually be found right between the user’s ears. From phishing (miracle weight loss, cheap Viagra, anyone?) to the subject of this wake up call, passwords, it’s people like you and me making bad, bad and easily avoidable choices.

Think of a high-profile computer security breach. Pick your poison — government, celebrity, corporate, whatever. Chances are the indicent(s) you’re thinking weren’t the result of some brilliant technical hack, but rather social engineering or just plain crappy, easy to guess passwords.

The infamous “hack” of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account? No hack at all, just a stupid password.

SplashData, which makes password management and other apps, has put together a listing of the worst, and sadly common, passwords the folks who use it’s apps continue to use.

01. password
02. 123456
03. 12345678
04. qwerty
05. abc123
06. monkey
07. 1234567
08. letmein
09. trustno1
10. dragon

Dishonorable mentions include 111111 and passw0rd — can you believe people are still using these?!?

That said, if you see a password you use on that list, please do everyone and yourself a big favor and change it something not quite so obvious — at least one number and at least one capital letter with minimum of eight characters, OK?

via PCMag

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