Motorola Xyboard: A compelling product with a great name

December 8, 2011

If for no other reason, Motorola deserves credit for staying the course. Granted, it’s the wrong course, but they’re not backing down. Whereas, Hewlett-Packard is already pivoting hard and Dell chose discretion over valor, the Libertyville, Illinois company won’t let itself be swayed by either reason or market realities.

Yesterday, Dell innovated itself right out of tablets as in they’ve stopped selling Android-based tablets and haven’t said what if anything will take their place. And, we’re all familiar with HP’s two-months and done stab at tablets, too.

That said, lord knows what Research in Motion is up to.

With those flameouts in mind, comes news of the “all-new” Motorola Xyboard, available in 8.2 and 10.1 inch formats at prices higher than the iPad 2. Moreover, you not only have to pay more at the store, but must also sign on the dotted for a two-year LTE contract at Verizon for a total cost of ownership that’s about equal to a double-wide in Eastern Kentucky.

OK, not hating it yet.

More RAM? Check. Faster processor? Nope. More capacity? Nope. Angry Birds? There we go.

You won’t take us alive!

But Xyboard does have better cameras than the iPad 2. Though there really isn’t a use case for ‘em in a tablet, users are gonna figure out crazy awesome things to do with ‘em. Erm, right.

But Xyboard has Adobe Flash — the whole freakin’ internet, baby! Well, you’ll get the whole internet until the Flash Mobile plugin stops working, which could be any day now.

But Xyboard is running Android 3.2 — Google’s for real tablet operating system. Seriously? Searchzilla all but owns Motorola and the best they can manage is effing Honeycomb from March. As in March of the before time?


Clearly, a mercy killing is in order. Send cigarettes and write me in prison…

What’s your take?

via Tech Goes Strong

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