Dell drops netbooks, too

December 19, 2011

Of the three really big hardware trends in tech of the last five years – netbooks, smartphones and tablets — Dell now competes in none of them. The next building wave, ultrabooks (a.k.a. Apple’s MacBook Air), is on their radar, but all of that other new stuff has been officially jettisoned, abandoned.

Back on December, Dell innovated itself right out of tablets and now the other shoe has fallen.

Liliputing reports that Dell is saying they won’t offer products based on Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail Atom processor update. So, there will be no new netbooks from the number PC maker.

Moreover, Dell has already stopped taking orders for their current netbooks.

Remember all of the angst other whether or not Android tablets were eating the iPad’s lunch? Wasn’t happening and Dell’s exit from the market is the last nail in that coffin.

Remember all of the angst over whether or not the iPad was eating netbook sales? The netbook is all but dead and Dell is the first big name maker to dump the category — probably the first of many.

Previous Apple products, notably the iPod and iPhone, have been rightly associated with the death of specific competitor product models, but the iPad is killing entire categories — series of (un)fortunate decapitations enumerated in loving detail by Mike Elgan in a piece entitled “Why the iPad is the most hated gadget ever.

That said, who’s waiting for the Apple axe to fall on their deserving and uncompetitive heads?

via The Verge

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2 Responses to “Dell drops netbooks, too”

  1. ilev:

    You are very late to the party :-)

  2. PublicWifi:

    I’ve owned 10 or so netbooks throughout the years. The Dell Mini 1012 was my favorite.

    I’ve owned around 4 tablets so far. I still prefer netbooks over tablets. Unless 11.x” laptops are produced, I’ll continue using netbooks.

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