Facebook owns the Internet through 2011

December 22, 2011

It’s official, Facebook now owns the Internet. It did so in 2010, and all the way through 2011. And the chances are it will into 2012 and beyond as well.

Facebook has topped the lists for Most-searched for terms and Most-visited websites via Hitwise. Just as in 2010, four Facebook searches made the Top 10, including ‘Facebook.com’ and ‘Facebook Login’. YouTube, Craigslist, Yahoo, MapQuest, and eBay rounded out the Top 10. Facebook beat the likes of Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing in terms of traffic.

Facebook has now topped these results for three years running. Which spells bad news for Google and, more specifically, Google+.

Despite the lack of change at the top, some new terms did enter the Top 50. ‘Addicting Games’, ‘Amazon.com’, ‘CNN’, ‘Hotmail’, ‘Pandora’, and ‘Twitter’ being just a few of these.

I made the point last year that these results raise one very strange question. Why the hell are so many people visiting Facebook via search results? These individuals are visiting Google or Bing, then typing ‘Facebook.com’ into the search box rather than into the URL box. Which is just bizarre and/or a little retarded.

Alternatively it just means lots of inexperienced Internet users are visiting Facebook, possibly to sign up for an account, probably just to see what all the fuss is about. Either way the result is the same: it’s all traffic heading to Facebook. Which now owns the Internet. Game over.

In other results, Justin Bieber was the most-searched for celebrity, Kim Kardashian the most-searched for personality. Star Wars the highest film on the list, Lady Gaga the highest music artist, Disney World the highest branded destination, and American Idol the highest TV show. Which says a lot about the average IQ of the population these days.

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2 Responses to “Facebook owns the Internet through 2011”

  1. Joey:

    That is a really good question. I have seen some of my friends open their browser and use the home page to get to Facebook (which is Google). I think they just get lazy and don’t want to click the address bar! I guess it would make sense that Facebook owns the internet though, seeing as most of the people I know are constantly connected to Facebook whether it be by computer, tablet or phone. Facebook is the new TV!

  2. DaveP:

    Facebook is even worse than TV! Rather than providing content it’s merely acting as the conduit by which we all share and discuss other content.

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