Let’s play Phone Stack and enjoy our dinner

February 5, 2012

Let's play Phone Stack and enjoy our dinnerBeing addicted to your cell phone is not uncommon.  Many of us have a hard time not playing with our phones even when enjoying a dinner out with friends.  Just the other night, a friend of mine stopped in mid sentence to answer her phone.  That doesn’t include the number of times she answered text messages while we were eating.  My phone was dead or I probably would have been right there with her.  Enter a new game called Phone Stack that is liable to cost one of us some money.

According to Kempt Phone Stack requires all diners to place their phones face down in the middle of the table.  Of course there will be vibrations, beeps and ringtones from that stationary stack.  Here’s the hard part, you aren’t allowed to pick up your phone to answer calls, reply to texts, or make your next move in Words with Friends.  If you succumb to temptation you pay the bill for everyone at the table. 

That’s right the first person to grab their phone winds up paying the tab for everyone at the table.  For those addicted to their mobile phones, that could be a real problem.  Who knows, they may wind up opting for takeout lunches they eat at their desks.  Going out to dinner or for drinks would be a very costly proposition if the game were invoked.

Back in the olden days, pre-millennium, cell phones at meals weren’t even an issue.  This was back in the days of home phones, even corded ones.  Taking a phone call during dinner was generally not allowed.  Taking a phone call in a restaurant meant that there was some dire emergency.

Now just about everyone over 10 has a cell phone and family dinnertime can involve multiple phones going off throughout the meal.  Playing Phone Stack at home could mean that the first person to pick up their phone has to do dishes for a week or clean the toilets or some other unpleasant task.

Spending time with friends should be just that.  You should be paying attention to the people that you are with, not worrying about any calls or texts that are distracting you from enjoying your friends. 

The next time my friend and I go out to lunch or dinner, I’m going to propose a game of Phone Stack to see if either one of us has the willpower to ignore our phones.  Hmmmm. . . this could get to be expensive.

Via TechCrunch

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