Sluice your Twitter gob with 19th Century vulgarities

March 27, 2012

Salty language is the stuff of drinking and lovemaking, and who doesn’t need to keep those things fresh? Moreover, when you can swear effectively, usually measured in laughs and other spontaneous oral utterances, in a language other than English, you earn double attaboys. If you’re the type who finds French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, etc. impossible to speak or convincingly fake, 1800’s English slang might be just the thing.

Are you common cunning linguist with an unquenchable penchant for pestilent profundities? Then you really need to spend some time with Captain Grose’s 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, a compendium of early 19th Century English, as in Britain, slang.

SLOPS — Wearing apparel and bedding used by seamen

SLOP SELLER — A dealer in those articles, who keeps a slop shop

SLOUCH — A stooping gait, a negligent slovenly fellow. To slouch; to hang down one’s head. A slouched hat: a hat whose brims are let down

SLUBBER DE GULLION — A dirty nasty fellow

SLUG — A piece of lead of any shape, to be fired from a blunderbuss. To fire a slug; to drink a dram

SLUG-A-BED — A drone, one that cannot rise in the morning

SLUICE YOUR GOB — Take a hearty drink

SLUR — To slur, is a method of cheating at dice: also to cast a reflection on any one’s character, to scandalize

SLUSH — Greasy dish-water, or skimmings of a pot where fat meat has been boiled

SLUSH BUCKET — A foul feeder, one that eats much greasy food

SLY BOOTS — A cunning fellow, under the mask of simplicity

SMABBLED, or SNABBLED — Killed in battle

And, yes, you can also get Captain Grose’s 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Tweeted to you a word a day — @vulgar_tongue.

So, Mister Sly Boots, don’t be ye an arbor vitae, follow the good captain’s Tweets now…

What’s your take?

via The Atlantic

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