Samsung promotes Galaxy S III with Apple Store protest, to ‘Wake Up’ iPhone owners

April 26, 2012

It looks likely we’ll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S III unveiled in London on May 3. Or at least “the next Galaxy,” whether it be the S III or not. How can Samsung ensure the launch goes with a bang? With crazy publicity stunts, naturally. At least in Australia.

According to Nate ‘Blunty’ Burr, who may or may not be in on the whole thing, a group of black-clad protesters recently invaded an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia. The group emerged from a bus painted black with the words “Wake Up” written on the side. They stood at the windows waving “Wake Up” placards and shouting “Wake Up” to anyone who would listen: staff, customers, the local bums.

The problem with obvious publicity campaigns such as this one is the paper trail that is invariably left for those prepared to do the digging to follow. MUmBRELLA did that digging and discovered the Wake Up campaign has turned up in a few other places. There is also a website – – that is counting down to 3pm on May 6, three days after the press conference in which the S III will reportedly be announced. 72 hours later would seem right for the Australian launch. The domain is owned by Sydney-based ad agency Tongue.

The video captured by Blunty, who also appears to be trying to promote a Belkin microphone, shows the the staged protest in full, and can be seen embedded below.

The Wake Up campaign is about putting the onus on iPhone owners, and telling them to wake up from their Apple-infused sleepwalking that makes them buy a new iPhone every year without even glancing at alternatives. Should Samsung be stooping to these levels in order to promote its iPhone competitor? Perhaps not, but it does ensure column inches on websites across the world.

Update: Samsung has denied being behind the Apple Store protest.

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7 Responses to “Samsung promotes Galaxy S III with Apple Store protest, to ‘Wake Up’ iPhone owners”

  1. Taylor Stuart:

    The irony is you get more of a lifespan out of an iPhone than a Samsung Android phone. So while iPhone owners might be inclined to upgrade every other year, they certainly don’t have to.

    That Samsung device, on the other hand? Well put it this way, unless you fork over the cash for a new phone, you’re probably not getting the next version of Android.

    It’s also in pretty poor taste to launch an assault on an Apple Store. It seems a little desperate (especially since they just clone the iDevices anyway).

  2. pHyR3:

    I got the new version of Android on my Galaxy S II and so did the Nexus S, which means both phones are up to date for more than 2 years and that’s how long contracts are.

  3. anon:

    Turns out the headline is completely wrong:

  4. Dave Parrack:

    Thanks, anon. Article updated.

  5. anon:

    Still the libelous headline?

  6. PublicWifi:

    I like Android. I’m not much of an Apple fan boy, but the iPhone is still my preference in terms of longevity, updates, reliability, and the latest / greatest apps.

  7. Webmaster:

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