Siri claims Nokia Lumia 900 is “the best smartphone ever,” or perhaps not

May 11, 2012

Surely Siri, which resides on the iPhone 4S, would consider the iPhone 4S the best smartphone ever. Or the Nokia Lumia 900. Whatever.

According to WMPoweruser, and a load of other sites following the tip, asking Siri, the iPhone 4S’ personal assistant, “What’s the best cell phone ever?” throws up a rather interesting result. Namely that Siri responds with the Nokia Lumia 900. Which is in many ways the anti-iPhone, coming, as it does, from Apple’s arch nemesis Microsoft.

The question gets changed in some versions of the story, evolving into “What is the best smartphone ever?” But the question always generates the same response. Which is the top result for “best mobile phones by customer review average” on Wolfram Alpha. Except it actually doesn’t. Try it for yourself and see. Some people will get a totally different answer.

This isn’t the big news some sites are claiming it to be. It’s funny, sure, but when held up to scrutiny the answer is revealed as petty at best. Wolfram flags up the Nokia Lumia 900, specifically the Cyan version on AT&T, because it has a five star average. But then that’s only based on 5 reviews. And dozens of other phones also score five stars. Including various models of the iPhone.

Meaningless then. However, this response does demonstrate the limitations of Siri, which even Apple fanboy No.2 MG Siegler (Jon Gruber is No.1) cannot hope to disprove. However much he tries to.

All Siri can really do is pick up on keywords and then deliver the results which best fit the question. In this case a long list of cellphones of which the Nokia Lumia 900 just happens to be the first name on. It’s a nice feature to put on a phone and no mistake, but it’s really just a novelty. And one that recommends a Windows Phone handset over the latest iPhone to boot. Bad Siri.

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