Pogoplug partners with Amazon to offer affordable cloud storage family plans

September 6, 2012

pogoplug_iconPogoplug is pairing up with Amazon to offer not only its own storage devices but also online archival storage.  That means that your information will be accessible even if your hard drive dies, gets a nasty virus, or you just upgrade your computer.  They are also offering family plans that come with a free Pogoplug device to get you started.

According to Engadget, the partnership between Amazon and Pogoplug is expected to be part of Amazon’s conference this afternoon. Pogoplug is offering three different family plan tiers all of which come with one of their devices.  The lowest yearly plan is a $29.99 plan that gives three family members unlimited onsite cloud storage and 100 GB of offsite cloud storage.  The $49.99 per year plan bumps up the onsite storage 300 GB offsite cloud storage and gives five users all of the different storage options.  Ninety nine dollars a year will give seven family members a full Terrabyte of offsite cloud storage as well as unlimited onsite cloud storage.

The offsite cloud storage will use Amazon Glacier.  This unique cloud storage service normally costs one cent per gigabyte per month to store information. There are no up front costs and you only pay for what you store.  With Pogoplug, you are paying the yearly fee for a certain amount of offsite storage whether you use it all or not.  You are also paying for more family members to access the service as you purchase larger storage plans.

The reason why you can get the Amazon service so cheap (300 GB would cost $3.00) is because you pay for it on the backside when you go to download.  First your download request is sent to a queue and and according to Engadget won’t be available to download for three to five hours and it is only available to download for 24 hours.  The first five percent of the download is free.  After that you pay one cent per additional gigabyte you download.  You don’t have to worry about any download cost because it is included in your plan.

You don’t have to use the Amazon Offsite storage option if you don’t want to.  Pogoplug has its own storage system and it has much quicker access and download times than what you get with Amazon Glacier.  The offsite storage option is there as a backup backup option (no that is not a stutter).  For those that want to make sure that their most precious pictures or documents are safe, you can have your own redundant backup system.

For large families with multiple devices, this may be just the type of service you could use.  Once you have your device set up, you can access the content with any browser or with apps on your iOS devices or Android devices. As families accumulate multiple computers, smartphones and tablets, having an easy to use and easy to access storage system becomes essential. Check it out and see if it is something your family could use.

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