5 things IFTTT can do to automate your life and make things easier

January 27, 2013

If you haven’t heard of webapp automating service If This Then That yet (IFTTT), then take a good hour or four out of your day to familiarize yourself with the system. Why? Well, the automagical system can do a lot. A hell of a lot. For example, automatically download Facebook photos you’re tagged in or give you the forecast every morning when you wake up. It can also send out tweets at a pre-scheduled time with a pre-written message. Nifty.

The Internet service provides to choices: users can either make their own tasks based on conditions (for example if it’s 8 a.m. then send out a tweet saying, “Good morning, everyone), or they can choose from a list of pre-made recipes created by other users.

Used properly, IFTTT can make life a heck of a lot easier. Here’s a five examples of how:

1) Automate your job search

This Apartment Therapy recipe is as simple as it is useful: use a job site’s RSS feed, like Craigslist, to automatically notify you when a job matching your skill set pops up.

2) Update Facebook, Twitter when you finally get around to posting on your blog

Need to keep your followers up to date on your online persona but can’t be bothered to update each social network on its own? Here’s two recipes which will update your Facebook Page and Twitter accounts with your latest insights.

3) Find your next apartment without spending hours online

Tired of digging through Craigslist posts to find a decent apartment? Simply enter what you’re looking for into the recipe and let the service send you an email for each apartment matching your needs.

4) Sync your social media photos

If you like to keep a consistent appearance across all social media sites, then this is the recipe for you. It’ll update your Twitter profile to whatever your Facebook avatar. You can, of course, modify it to other services as well.

5) Send a text to remind you of the event you’re about to forget

Google Calendar users won’t forget an appointment again with this recipe, which sends a SMS message to remind the user of any upcoming appointments. Like rent.


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